Light Twinkles

In the Path to Perfection we must advance towards God without rest. And the way to do it is to turn our face continuously to God and to look for Him every moment inside and outside us. May this brief phrases be a support for you, like light twinkles from the Spirit who loves and leads you.

The Father is pleased by anything in which He finds His Sonís footprint.

Make me, O Lord, a small corner of Your house, where You feel accepted and loved.

Closeness to Christ is the measure of the sanctity of every human thing: our family, our works, our whole life.

Sanctity doesnít make us wonder the ďwhyĒ of Godís call, but ďhowĒ we are going to fulfill His Will.

Godís voice is always a whisper. Only when we silence the uproar of the world, in the desert of smallness, we can listen to it clearly.

Come, oh Holy Spirit, fill up my soul and my life, so there is no room for anything but You and whatever You bring.

We are watchful when we are aware of Christís presence in every moment of our life.

Knowing Christ is not a requirement to to be saved by Him; it is further a Godís gift to be able to love knowing Who we love.

In our lifetime we donít stop working: either trading with our talents or digging holes to bury them.

It is not us who reject Christ after death; it is the Father Who closes the door to those who have despised his Beloved Son.

It is not the same righteousness than laws, meekness than submission, mercy than tolerance, mourning than defeat, poverty than indigence.

Loving is doing justice: dedicating to God what He gave us first; and revering in the others His most perfect creation.

Da al Cťsar, y recibirŠs del Cťsar. Da a Dios, pues ya has recibido de …l.

Respondemos a la llamada estando junto a Cristo. Llegamos a ser dignos de la misma siendo de Cristo.

When we forget that all goods we have come from God, and so all fruits we produce should be for Him, we are headed to lose His friendship.

Godís friends fulfill His will. The best ones, give Him also their body and mind.

What can be the highest reward in this world, Lord, but knowing that we work for you?

Remembering what we owe God help us being prudent. Remembering what He has forgiven us helps us being saints.

Christ calls us to love our enemies; but He doesnít ask us to embrace them as friends.

Grant me, Oh Lord, to see History and Creation through your eyes.

Jesus calls us to know what the world thinks about Him, not to adapt ourselves to this vission but to announce better the Truth.

No scrap of Godís grace falls randomly beside us. Each and every of them has the aim of bringing us to the Fatherís table.

We can perform extraordinary acts if we ask God to order us to do them. Because His word is always fulfilled.

For God, it is not a challenge to multiply His blessings on Humankind. His problem is to count on our obedience when He asks us something in order to send us His grace.

We cannot buy Godís Kingdom paying it with what we already have. God gives it to us for free when we relinquish what we have stored and keep only what He provides us.

Godís Providence can convert weeds into wheat until harvest time.

We all need God. But in order to possess Him, we need first to learn to desire Him.

Only those who are amazed by the smallest things can understand the highest ones.

The desire of what we love keep us in the world. The donation to what we love makes us closer to Heaven.

We fear to do what God asks us to do because we think in the bad it can brig us, and not in the good it will bring us and the whole Humanity.

Eucharist is the only food we take with our body and soul; with one we taste it, with the latter we enjoy it.

He who believes in the Son loves Him. He who loves Him stays in His Heart. He who stays in His Heart receives the blessing of the Mercy Judgement.

So much the Son loves us that He asks us what the Father asked He to do, in order to give us what the Father gave to Him.

Our heart must be on Heaven, loving Christ. Our body, on earth, loving our brothers.

Truth must be proposed, though not as one among many options, but the only source of Life.

The ascension to the Father has three steps: to walk the Way, or doing His acts; to reach the Truth, or knowing Him; the possess the Life, or being as He is.

Christ is Heavenís Gate; Mary, His gatekeeper. Christ of Godís Voice; Mary, His echo.

The sorrowful episodes are always remembered; as defeats that we want to hide, or as victories that we want to share.

Each sin is a death; each forgiveness, a resurrection. The fruit of forgiveness, the Peace.

News about Christ come through others; but the real encounterÖ it is always in person.

Miracles solve small problems. For the big ones, God uses the selfgiving of the good.

When God stops doing something good, is because He has prepared something perfect.

Godís Kingdom doesnít come by asking Him ďwhyĒ when He shows us His Will, but ďhowĒ.

Christ burns with desire for giving Himself. Thatís why He reaches out to us, and is given swifty to those who are eager for Him.

As the Son leads us to the Father, the Father points at the Son.

Battles against devil arenít won with sensible answers, but with firm acts of trust in God.

Even our violent acts must be done for the sake of love.

When we donít build on the achievements of the past, we oppose to Godís will, that leads us step by step.

Lie persuades; but love wins.

Death deprives us of everything we believe we are or possess; except of our friendship with Christ.

God always calls us to perform ordinary tasks, to get from them extraordinary fruits.

God doesnít  need in this world ashtonished witnesses, but unsettled ones.

We donít need to understand Godís Will to fulfill it; we only need to love Him.

O Lord, may you Light fill up my memory, your Mercy guide my intellect, your Providence move my will.

The closer to the Truth, the less strategies to accomplish our will and the more tactics to accomplish His.

Letís welcome Mary as the Lady of our home; She always brings Jesus with Her.

While we accomplish Godís missions in the world, He accomplishes His mission in us.

Our will is Godís main entrance to our lives.

Christ will come when is less expected by the world; when it is imposed a way that doesnít lead to God, a truth that doesnít come from God, a life that is not rooted in God.

Godís action is revealed in the silent construction, instead of in the noisy destruction.

We prepare the natural extraordinary (the end of the world) paying attention to the supernatural ordinary (our relationship with God).

Godís plan to guarantee life and peace on Earth roots on marriage between man and woman. To guarantee everlasting life and peace, on marriage between our soul and Christ.

Three stages of Salvation: searching, finding, giving ourselves. Christ does it this way; we must do it as well.

Believing we are the source of our good leads us to pride. Recognizing it comes from God lead us to praise.

Injustice only roots in societies in which the concept of Justice is perverted.

Asking for forgiveness we admit our misery. Thanking we recognize the greatness of the other.

Faith puts our heart beyond the obstacles we face. The bigger the faith, the bigger the obscale we can overcome.

Only what is engraved in Godí Heart lasts forever. Letís write in It our names.

What a joy in Heaven when we cancel othersí debts using Godís wealth!

Two phrases that describe Godís Will for us: ďI love you, Iím going towards youĒ and ďI love you, come towards MeĒ.

The cross we carry make us better persons. The cross we embrace, sanctifies us.

God loves our doing actions that only He can pay.

Our good works donít achieve our salvation. Our good works keep us beside Christ, Who brings us to Heaven.

Without the Truth, it is not that we donít know what we are, it is that we arenít what we are called to be.

Our prayer doesnít attrack Godís love or gifts. Both are thronged at our liveís door. Our prayer simply opens that door.

One of the oldest and most successful temptations of the devil is to demand equiality for those who complement each other.

God cannot wait to embrace us in Heaven, so He comes in those who need us, to do it in this world.

When we forget weíve been sent like lambs among wolfes, we make things easier for the devil. 

Every call from God implies a renouncementÖ of what He previously gave us.

Two are the premises of any miracle: the need and the obedience of man. But, in the case of Eucharist, both are Christís: need (of dwelling among us) and obendience (to the Father).

°Mary, Mother of the Truth, open our hearts to your Son's words!

The Apostles lived the joy of seeing You, then they recived the peace, and finally they were sent to announce the Word. Conversely, we receive the Word, we find the peace in the service and, finally, the everlasting joy of seeing You.

The coming of the Holy Spirit is not only the fulfilment of a promise. It's also another demonstration of the crazy love of a God who does want to dwell in us.

To love is to desire the perfection and possesion of the loved one. To love God is to know Him, and to be possesed by Him.

When we love because weíve being commanded, weíre disciples of the Son. When we love because weíve being loved, weíre children of the Father.

Since I canít be entirely You, I want to be entirely yours.

Before sending us to a great mission, God always ask us a small proof of love.

Peace is the fruit of recognizing Christ as the Lord of our life. The more it takes us to recognize it, the more we will be without peace.

Benting down over Godís mistery we can still interprete what we see. Only when we get into it we contemplate the ineffable fruit of eternal Love.

The open rejection of the good is always due to temporal reasons. The sincere defense of it, to everlasting reasons.

Justice doesnít demand evil for evil, but good for evil.

Open arms, Heart on fire. Thatís the God Who waits fo rus, always beside us. The only thing that keeps us away from Him are the eyelips of our spirit.

We are converted to God not when we stop doing what God doesnít want, but when we do His Will.

Silence. A short time for you. A Tabernacle. Behold your Tabor.

It doesnít depend on us the begining of grace or temptation. But it does depend the end of those.

Evil in our heart reflects our evils in the others. Goodnes in our heart let us see in others goodnesses we donít have ourselves.

To be loved by God, it is enough to act like a man. But to deserve Him, we must act like Him.

In this world, we are called to receive Godís gifts, and to give them to others. To those who hadnít got to receive them, God will give them in person; from those who hadnít given them, God will take them in person.

Our experience expectations are always negligible before Godís calls.

Letís prefer loving Godís actions to understanding His reasons. Because the first opens us to His infinitude, whilst the latter keeps us locked in our limitations.

Men or angels communicate us the promises of God. But God Himself communicates their fulfillment.

Behold two certain ways to obtain Godís gifts: thanking Him when we miss them, and ask them for the others.

Letís treat God as servants who obey Him, and we will be treated as children with whom He is pleased.

To find God we donít need to traverse long distances, either physical or spiritual. God has already done the journey. We only have to turn back or bend over

The Son, for humility, commands us to keep silent before Godís marvels. The Holy Spirit, for love, pushes us to proclaim them.

Letís be great, like the Father, to give; humble, like the Son, to receive; fruitful, like the Holy Spirit, to multiply what we receive.

Letís kneel before Crist while He manifests in the insignificant, so we can rise when He manifests with all His power.

Christís words can be heard, that is, being sent to our brain, and be forgotten there; or they can be listened to, that is, being received in our heart, so they root and give fruits.

God manifests when the devilís empire falls; in our soul and in the whole world.

If we give God the best of our life, there will be still a lot left for the others. But if we give the best to the world, there will be almost nothing left for God.

To obey God is to do loveís works. To love Him is to become love, as He Himself is.

To see Godís marvels, we must rise from our vices, let behind the cloak of our assurances and approach the Word, certain of our indigence.

Letís ask God without measure; and letís be ready to give without measure. Because everything God gives us, except Himself, is for the others.

Godís love gives us everything. Love to God demands everything from us.

Fidelity in flesh, to add members to Christ Body. Fidelity in spirit, to bring up souls to His Heart.

God is loving and patient with each person; but implacable with anything that opposes his Will. So must be ourselves.

Heavenís glory is sowed in the silence, smallness, scorn and remoteness of the world.

This is the greatness of testimony: we are called to influence on othersí answer to Christís question: ďwho am I for you?

Christ will open the gates of every heart. Our salvation is in His opening them from inside, not from outside.

Loveís commandments rule the mind through the spirit. Lawís commandments intend to rule the spirit through the mind.

From the distance, we can hear your words of life. Beside you, we walk with the Word, and live with the Life

Letís not expect irrationality in Godís Providence. Letís not expect understandable measure in His Love.

God hasnít created us with any need He is not able to satisfy by Himself.

We can know almost everything about a person. But we can get to know neither the infinite love nor the eternal plan God has for her.

We believe in order to know; we act in order to love; we eat in order to be.

The only place in Creation where barriers are put up against Godís wonders is in our spirit. Just in the place where they are greater. 

For His Providence, God gives us what we need. For His Love, God gives Himself to us.

Godís plans require our attitude, not our strategy.

My present weakness is, for the world, sign of my future sterility; for God, opportunity of growth by His grace.

Faith is a supernatural step, from the deterministic and transient matter to the impredictable and living spirit.

By proclaiming the Truth, we are instruments of God's Mind; by practicing Love, we are instruments of His Heart.

The Kingdom of God is expressed with small words, and is won with small works of small people. Because, do we expect to understand and win Godís greatness through the ďgreatĒ of this world?

Christ is the Doer of Godís Will, by nature. When we do Godís Will, we are elevated beside Christ, by Justice.

Lord, You have signed your covenant with me with Your blood; let me sign it with mine. 

The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, are with us. Everyday. Forever.

As the Father loved and sent You, Jesus, so You love and send me. Let me know You as You know the Father.

God doesnít ask us to do His wonders. He saves us for something better: proclaim His word.

We donít bear fruits of intelligence, bravery or diligence; we bear fruits of love. Intelligence, bravery and diligence are put by the Holy Spirit in the works of those who live Him.

To remain in God is our business; the fruit we bear, is His.

The devil snatchs our life to destroy it, whereas we give our life to God for Him to multiply it. Letís choose carefully our shepherd.

Open mi mind to understand your words; open my heart to take in your love; open my life to live it in You, Oh Lord

Christ loves our desiring to touch his wounds. Thatís why He makes them flesh in those who suffer.

Three ways to encounter Christ: rise early for Him, run towards Him, get into where He is.

All of us will recognize the Son of God in Christ. The question is if we do it while carrying the cross with Him, or after piercing Him.

He who doesnít know you, Lord, looks for the place where you are. He who knows You, looks for You in the ones You are.

There are two ways of hiding the evil works: making them in the darkness, and dressing them in political correctness.

Come, O Jesus, into the temple of my spirit; expel what doesnít belong to You, purify what belongs to You, build a house of prayer for the Father.

Our spirit is the tent in which God wants to dwell. Letís have it prepared!

Without the Holy Spirit, our life is stuck in sticky quicksand. The Spirit is the One who drives us to the deserts, valleys and mountains of faith in our way to the Kingdom. 

God has felt with a Manís heart; we can desire with Godís heart.

Godís power is not subject to time or space. But His Mercy introduces Him within both, so there is a here and a now when we feel Him grasping our hand and helping us up.

We will all recognize the power and glory of God. The question is if we will do it as friends or as enemies of Him.

From Godís Mercy, His patience comes. For Godís Justice, His deadlines do.

We can find some truth in different places. But only approaching the Truth, approaching Christ, we will know our true name, our true vocation.

God the Father proclaims the Truth with His word; God the Son, with His incarnation; God the Holy Spirit, with His presence. May our words, acts and presences be proclamation of the truth.

The foundation of society is the family; the foundation of family is the permanent union in love; the foundation of permanent union in love is God.

God communicates His messages in silent places, where He is expected by fervent hearts.

Our words and acts are signs; Godís grace transform them into seeds of the Kingdom.

God is announced in the desert of the kitchen, in the desert of the coffee chat, in the desert of the hand that serves.

Being watchful implies to employ all our body and mind in serving at home, while our heart and spirit sigh for the Owner who is to come.

As a creditor, God demands in a patient and moderate way; as a debtor, He pays with impatience and disproportion.

God is not interested in the talents He gave us; theyíre already His. God wants to win us!

When the lamp of the grace goes out during the sleep of our sin, we find the oil of God in the flask of the Church, that lights it again for Christ.

We have to know the void we are without God, to become everything in Him.

God's love is fire that spreads out lively. Only our "no" can stop it.

In our conscience, weíve got the image and inscription of God.

This opens us the gates to Godís Heart: to listen to those sent to us by Him, and to focus our life on Him.

The frontiers of our life shrink when we stare at our feet, and get far away when we stare at the horizon of God.

Doing God's Will we become perfect men. Loving it, we become His children. 

Knowing that God loves those who less deserve it is a gift for those who He loves more.

Mercy leads us to forgive; innocence prevents us from feeling offended. Both let us see God.

We aren't called by God to tolerate evil in us and in the others, but to seek perfection in community.

The seduced by God is not the one who feels scandalized, sad or angry before evil. It is the one who rolls up the sleeves while saying "here I am!"

Grant me, O Lord, to proclaim with my life who You are, so You proclaim, in my death, who I am.

Noone deserves the scraps of God; but God gives them with love to those who ask for them. Lets ask for the main course, the Holy Spirit. Although we deserve Him less, the Father will send Him with greater joy. 

We can go through our storms looking at the abyss, in which we sink, or looking at Christ, who holds and defends us.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the work of God with men, and the works of men with God.

Thanks O Lord, because the fruit of the saints is making others become saints, so weeds turn into wheat.

God sows in every field. He visits all, contemplates all, sends rain over all. It's not because of Him that we don't bear fruit.

God doesn't reveal Himself to those who can understand Him, but to those who want to listen to Him.
His burden is not light because its weigh is low, but because He carries it with us.

Our love isn't cause of God's love; it is its fruit.

The mortal enemies of the truth: confusion, that hides it, and fear, that silences it.

A Merciful God calls us for us to inhabit in Him; a loving-to-madness God lowers himself to inhabit inside us.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God who is, in the past, now and always. God that gave Himself to us, gives Himself to us, will give Himself to us forever. Glory to the Trinity!

Peace comes after spilling our life on the others, and being filled up by the Spirit of God.

You are with me always. Let me, Lord, look at You, listen to You and hug You, every day.

The whole universe is Godís creation. But only we can be His dwelling.

We aren't called to stand before God's Sanctity after a way of darkness, but through a Saint Path of beauty, light and self-giving.

Christ's voice is voice of Shepherd; the other ones are voices of sheep or wolves.

If you look for the truth, youíll find Christís words. If you practice mercy, youíll find Christ.

Christ is source, centre and target of our salvation: rescued by His blood, sent by His word, received by His Heart.

Faith doesn't come from words or images about Christ, but after an encounter and a hug after which our life belongs to Him.

God didn't become Man to be revered as a king, but to be hugged as a friend.

The bad people's sin ties and spoils men. But the indifference and forget of the good people lays the stone across the spiritual tombs. Christ takes care of the first thing; we must take care of the second one.

There are two types of blindness: the one of those who don't receive the Light, and the one of those who don't accept it. The first one is healed by God's humbling before man, and the second one is healed by man's humbling before God.

Let's bring God close to the sinners. He will take care of their conversion.

As children of God, we are called to be transfigured in Him. But let's be aware that our transfiguration happens after our Calvary.

Three characteristicas of temptation; it always whispers - we have to avoid it while it's far, or reject it if it's close; it is irrational - we can uncover its lies with wisdom; it is treacherous - we need allies to defend our weak points.

God doesn't ask us not to make plans. He asks us to found our plans in His.

True Justice doesn't come from punishment, but from conversion. True Peace doesn't come from accomplishing human laws, but God's Will.

Do we want to hug God? Let's hug the needed one. Do we want to see God everywhere? Let's find Him in every man's face.

Doing works of light we glorify God; and praising God we do works of light. Because both the one who acts good and the one who blesses God for the good deeds accomplish His Will.

Before God we are all small. So He doesn't expect from us great things, but small ones done with our eyes raised to Him.

We are witness of God not only by preaching His word, but also and specially by communicating our experience of Him.

Godís power is healing water for sinners, strength for the weak, perfection for the strong and glory for Christ.

God is always overabundance. Receiving Him implies communicating Him. Being a recipient for Him implies being His witness.

Grace and truth come from Jesus Christ. Where do we look for them?

To our smallest acts of love, God answers with ineffable wonders.

God doesn't ask us to do marvels. He only aks us to be witnesses of the ones He does; but asks this in every moment, till the end.

We fear God because we love ourselves more than we love Him. Let's love Him alone, and we'll stop fearing Him.

True love doesn't wait for the loved One coming; it demands it.

It is difficult to ask for forgiveness to an Almighty God. But to a suffering, close One, to a God that calls at our heart begging for love, how easy it is!

We don't fight to win in the world. We win because we fight in the world.

Let's found our relations on God; that way they will last forever.

To do the evil separates us from God; but to justify our evil separates us from his Mercy.

It doesn't separate us from God to be aware of goodness in us; it does not to refer it to God, and not to see goodness  in the others.

Every just prayer is heard by God; but there are two ways to accelerate it to the Fatherís Heart: perseverance, and love.

Trust on God opens the gates to His power for us; gratitude, the ones to His Love

We are creatures with longings of a god. And, to achieve them, God demands that we recognize ourselves as creatures before Him.

Our key to enter in Heaven is in the heart of those who need our help. What do we do to get it?

When we achieve the forgiveness of God's debtors using His Mercy as payment currency, God Himself becomes our debtor.

God doesn't desire being close to us, but inside us. Since being close is God; but being inside is our God.

Let's hug the base of Jesus's cross. He is at the other edge.

Let's frequent the lowest places of the world. As from there come lots of God's friends and creditors.

It is not the proximity, but the friendship of God what saves us. And the gate of the Kingdom is not narrow  because we all cannot enter through it, but because it won't let the one who is fattened by the world's void in.
We can expect from the fire of Christ the union in love; but not the integration in the consensus of injustice.
Even having goods, we still can have Christ. But if we embrace them we won't be able to embrace Him. 
From the goods we store, we obtain fruits for a few days. From the goods we give, we obtain fruits for the whole eternity.
God doesn't promise small rewards.
God doesn't come to out heart be served, but to be loved.
We aren't neighbours of a person because we heal him, we are neighbours because Christ has healed us both.
Godís Kingdom is recieved as a gift, and built as a mission.
God's Kingdom starts when everything in our heart is put by God.
Truth is not reached by consensus, but by listening, accepting and living. Asking God for forginess receives always an immediate answer. How not to be astonished by God's love, whose Will is moved by our tears. God's acts are acts of power and love. Ours can only be of love; but our love attracts God's power. Letís learn from the Trinity's power, whose root and fruit is the communication of His goods. La paz es el perfume del EspŪritu Santo. When our heart is filled with joy and we cannot feel Christ, it is because the Holy Spirit embraces us. Saved by You: joy and love. Witness of Yours: honour and dedication. Dwelling of Yours: awe and contemplation. The cross more than the altar of the Savior's death; it is the final proof of the love that Jesus demands from us. We are in Godís hands. We only feel the weight of what we donít leave on them. God makes us know His Will sometimes with orders, sometimes with questions, sometimes with silence. Letís bring our faith before Christ, and He will bring His peace before us. Our faith will heal His wounds, His peace will heal ours. God never suffers defeats; though He sometimes stops manifesting for a moment, to prepare us for a victory greater than we expected. Godís Wisdom: He comforts the one who hugs Him, He consoles the one who wipes away His face, He encourages the one who walk beside Him to the Calvary, He makes victorious the one who dies with Him. We can't expect to find damnation from God-Mercy. We can't expect to find forgiveness if we reject Him. Mercy transforms power into love; an Almighty and Merciful God, is an all-Love God! God permits one evil, fruit of the human sin, per every thousand blessings sent by His mercy. In Christ's Humanity we can hardly see God's Omnipotence, but we feel so closely His infinite love for us.  Godís Word is reasserted with works of God, no with the devilís ones.
Letís not be amazed to see miracles while staying beside Christ. Letís be ashtonished to be able to stay beside Him. May going daily on Christ shoulders doesn't stop us from being amazed, forgetting that He is God, and that we are there because He has rescued us. Your life is part of Godís message to the world; and it is fullfilled in this very moment. If you want to be a saint, invite Christ to lead your life. If you want it now, then invite Mary too to get control of the scheduling...  Entering the waters, You sanctify the waters; entering the family, You sanctify the family; entering the History, You sanctify the History; enter my heart, Lord!

In the Wisdom, we are wise; in the Savior, we are saved; in the Son, we are children; in the Love, we are loved. How much we lose when we get away from You!

We err when we look for God in menís words, because He awaits for us in the Gospel; when we look for Him in menís temples, because He awaits for us in the Church; when we look for him in menís bread, because He awaits for us in the Eucharist.

To speak to Mary with love is the surest way to speak under Godís inspiration.

You've never asked me for great works, Lord. Only my best works.

  • 6/Dec/2015 [Lk 3, 1-6]

The only walls built against Godís Love are the ones in our soul

  • 29/Nov/2015 [Lk 21 25-28.34-36]

Give me humility, my Master, to accept being chained, humiliated and killed by my enemies; give me strength, my King, to defend bravely the ones commended to me from those who want to chain, humiliate and kill them; geve my wisdom, my Love, to know when I must do each thing

  • 22/Nov/2015 [Jn 18, 33b-37]

The Kingdom of God is not this world; but we are heirs of the Kingdom when, still in this world, we embrace the Truth in our spirit.

  • 15/Nov/2015 [Mk 13, 24-32]

When we pray the Ourfather, our voice resounds in eternity.

  • 8/Nov/2015 [Mk 12, 38-44]

It is not rich he who has wealth before men, but he whose debtor is God.

  • 1/Nov/2015 [Mt 5, 1-12]

The Kingdom isnít won looking at God in Heaven, but finding Him on Earth.

Wanting to see, to see You. Wanting to hear, to listen to You. Wanting to walk, to follow You. Wanting to feel, to love You.

Our glory isnít in a position beside Christ, but in our name being written in His Heart.

God finds joy in calling us, even if we don't answer. Let's be joyful in saying yes to Him, even if we don't hear His call

When we stop interpreting what God says, questioning what God does, destroying what God creates and separating what God joins together, we will get to know in plenitude His Word, His Work, His Creation and His Love.

Mercy for the others, to receive God's one. Self-demanding for oneself, to avoid God's demanding to us.

So much You love us, Lord, that ask us to serve You in those who need us.

God is God for us not when we declare Him as so, but when we let Him act in our life as so.

When we open our heart to Godīs Word, our will gets open to His work.

When we open our heart to God's Word, our will gets opened to His work.

Loving Jesus when He smiles, when He forgives, when He speaks easy words of blessing, when He transfigures, is easy. Loving Him truly is doing it when He corrects, when He demands, when He speaks about what we donít understand, when He gives Himself in the cross.

God's grace transforms what is quotidian into supernatural. Weakness into beauty, pain into redemption, food into everlasting life.

The Bread of Life is received in our mouth, embraced in our mind, loved in our soul.

Faith doesn't change reality; just makes us take part on it.

Godís miracles are built on the open hands of men.

I don't mind walking in dark valleys, or being in front of my foes. I only ask for not feeling far from my Shepherd. 

Ready for whatever God wants: preach in the desert without fruits, or drive out demons with God's power. I work for the Kingdom, I do not design it

Godís Word isnít proclaimed for the fruits it will produce, but for the ones it has already produced

God is quickly tired of our rational speeches. But He always pays attention to any word we say with faith.

In every storm within our heart, Jesus is beside us, silent. It is enough a faith shout, or a whisper, or a look, for the Prince of Peace to give it to us.

If the measure of our works is our effort, their value will be just human. But if their measure if the action of God that incorporates them to His Kingdom, then their value is divine.

May I and my belongings, O Lord, will always be prepared for You and your chosen ones.

The Savior is with us in our re-birth to life. The lord of the universe, at the end of our lifetime. The Lover of our soul, each dfay of our life.

May my life be a breath from your mouth, Lord.

The Paschal fruit of our soul is the Christmas in the soul of those who listen to our witness.  

The greatest gift precedes our life: being chosen by the Love. The only answer that honours our election lasts forever: remaining in Him.

The grace of God is life, and his presence fire. We will burn before Him, either of love for the Love, or of hatred for the Just.

La voz del Buen Pastor no nos guŪa por verdes praderas, sino hacia verdes praderas. Y aun las caŮadas mŠs oscuras son camino de salvaciůn, si las recorremos siguiťndola.

Make me a child, Lord, to get close to You with naturalness and trust.

To believe in You without having seen You, in order to be loved by You without deserving You.

For the one who has faith, the shadow of Christ is enough

To come down from our crosses makes as humans. To remain in them, makes as redeemers.

Always beside You, Jesus. Even at the risk of betraying You, but for the grace of being able to serve You. Always beside You.

Love converts our soul in a spiritual mirror, where God's light reflects His face. The lack of love converts us in spiritual mud, that God's light dries and cracks.

To build the temple of our soul, is only possible for God. To ruin it forever, is only possible for us.

The world can give moments of fame. Those of glory, come only from God.

All situations in life can be chances to get closer to God.

God's Will is that we be healthy, wise and happy. There is only one thing in the world that can impede it: our own will.

Let's be transformed, from Christ followers that enjoy the perfume of His footprints, to friends that look at His face, to contemplate the Truth and the Life.

Any prophet or saint, of any religion, can teach other people willing to improve a way of goodness.
But only God can descend to where evil reigns, in order to free those living there, by His almighty love.

The mission God calls us to is never to leave the bad things for something good. It is always to renounce something good for what will make us happy.

Every Peter needs and Andrew that points the Saviour for him. Make me, O Lord, Andrew for the Peters you place in my way.

Though we are unworthy to serve You in person, still You wait for us in our brothers, in whom we can honor You. 

Every person is given the gift to be able to listen to the Verb pronounced by God the Father. And, he who listens, gets to know the Mind and Heart of the One Who begot the Word. 

The Love brought the salvation to the world. The obedience brought the Love from Heaven. Both, love and obedience, are root and fruit of the family.

We get closer to God through Mary. We receive God beside Mary. We have God thanks to Mary.

God's call is sweet whisper for the one who believes, encouragement word for the one who doubts, and love shout for the one far away.

The body of the repentant is immersed in water, that cleans but doesn't allow us to breathe.
His spirit, in God's Love, that purifies and gives the soul its true breathe of life.

Being watchful is joining this moment to the moment of our Union, so in both our heart is beside that of the One who loves us.

God's Love has made serving others not only a duty of Justice, and more than a sign of love to God's favorites; it has made it above any other thing an honor, because in our neighbour we serve God, before possessing Him in Heaven.

It is not that we are faithful because we have more talents; but God give us more talents because we are faithful.

The ruins that our hatred produces are creation workshop for God's love.

You are the Alpha, Truth that spills in creator Love on the Universe. You are the Omega, everlasting Life for us that calls and waits for us. You are the Way, loving Companion that reminds us the Truth, gives us Life at every moment, and is made flesh in us to make us spirit in God.

A God that commands us to be happy and to make others happy, is a God that loves us before and above our love.

Jesus does not free us of from the yokes of the world. But He turns them from means of slavery to means of sanctification.

It is not our goodness what saves us. It is our answer to the call from God's Mercy.

Our worldy will is the tenant who kills Christ in our spirit to become owner of the vineyard of our life. Take your vineyard over, my Loved Owner!

As easily as we forget God's love, He forgets our contempts

Lord, being able to serve You in my last hour is my hope. Being able to serve You right now is my joy.

Love is written with C of cross. God is written with L of Love. Christ is written with G of God.

God speaks to each heart alone. But He loves to be answered by several of them together.

Following our will, we live the life we plan. Accepting God's Will, we live the life He has planned for us.

We can't aspire to be the stone UPON which Christ builds His Church, but we must aspire to be a stone WITH which Christ builds His Church.

Let's approach the table of Christ to get the scraps that fall from it, and He will serve us everlasting delicacies Himself.

God is behind some storms in our soul, but He is always before the peace in it.

With the single fish and loaf of my life, Christ can feed humankind. He only needs me to put it in His hands.

Let's be amateurs of worldly matters, and professionals of God's Kingdom seeking.

What is energy in our eyes and ears, is transformed into image and word in our brain, and into gift and life in our spirit.

With flesh we see God's works, and listen to His words. But it is in the spirit that we see God and are nourished by His Word.

Ineffable Eucharistic mistery, that Christ inhabits not only in our spirit, but also in our body, preparing it for everlasting glorification.

Our faith is the key to Chris's Heart. Inside it, the Father's love for the Son is called Mercy; outside it, it is called Justice.

If the fruit of the presence of Christ is Joy, the one of the coming of the Spirit is Peace.

The Spirit of truth doesn't come through the mind of those who want to possess the truth, but through the soul of those who learn to love Christ-Truth.

I don't want a way that is not built on the Truth. I don't want a truth that doesn't give Life. I don't want a life that doesn't last forever. I want You, my Jesus!

Grant me, Lord, the gift of recognizing and following your voice. Always.

Faith is sown by the witness of others, but it grows by the live experience of Christ beside us.

There are so many wounds of Christ in our suffering brothers. Let's put the hands of our faith into them, and heal them with the ointment of our love.

He who is spiritually dead is taken and put by others where they want. He who has life, on the contrary, runs freely by the Spirit towards the Lord.

The present belongs to the sensible; the eternity, to the crazy.

Jesus frees us from the power of death. But untieing our hands from the bands of vices, that is a task of our brothers in faith.

May our mercy not have any "sabbaths" ever, Lord.

Come, O Lord, to the well of my heart. May your blood transform the stagnant water of my soul into a clean stream that witness your love beyond the parapet of my life.

The merciful touch of Jesus Christ prepares us; His voice that announces God's word cheers us up; His wounded hand lifts us from fear, sin and death, to love and eternal life.

Let's give our present to God, so that our future be in His hands.

Let's give our present to God, so that our future be in His hands.

Let's be perfect, like God is perfect. God is Love. Let's be love.

The religious law is the echo of God's voice, is pedestal in which the true Voice made flesh, Christ, stands.

It is not in the valley of worldy comfort, but in the heavy slope to the summit of service, where God chooses those who will take His light to the world. 

This is the blessing of the believer: to see and to hug Christ before facing death.

The fisherman, our will. The net, our worldy goods. The lake, life on earth. The fisher hands must own the net, to cast it, take it or leave it before the Master's voice. Otherwise, the fisher belongs to the lake, and will perish in it.

May all my life be pointing at You, Lord; with mi words, with mi choices, with mi thoughts, with all my steps.

May your unknown reasons, Lord, lead me to admiration, never to doubt.

There is a single just action before the Word: to listen to Him. There is a single just action before the Emmanuel: to receive Him.

There is a single step between God's inspiration in our life and the real accomplishment of His will: our rising.

May we take in our life, Lord, those who bring us the madness of your divine plans.

We take offense at God when we ask for reason of His actions. Blessed is the one who loves them without judging them.

In the virginal womb of Mary, the Son of God had to be conceived for the world; in her Inmaculate Heart, we children of God must be conceived for the Heaven.

I don't mind not knowing when my Lord will come. What I want is not forgetting ever Who He is.

A king doesn't save himself from danger, but defeats it to save others from it. So Christ with death.
A friend sees greatness where others see failure. So we with Jesus.

We aren't asked for strength in persecution, but for joy; not for eloquence, but for confidence; not for victory, but for perseverance. Because strength, eloquence and victory are of Christ, to Whom we are joined by our joy, confidence and perseverance.

It is not that You are my God because I am alive; I am alive because You are my God.

Lord, make me sycamor on your way, for your Zacchaeuses to see You climbed on my clumsy testimony.

Thanks, Lord, for each time we ask for forgiveness for our lack of love; forgive us, Lord, for each time we don't thank You for your Love.

Before we look for You, Lord, You call us. Before we pray, You listen to us. Before we fall in love with You, You love us. 

Faith gets for us the benefits of Christ's Heart; but only love allows us to enter in it forever.

Lord, give me faith to uproot the trees of sin from my own spirit, and send them to the bottom of the sea of your Mercy

Poverty keeps us from lots of temptations; but only our joyful acceptance of it puts us in the way to Heaven.

Serving the Lord we become faithful; serving other lords, slaves.

The most extraordinary thing of God's Mercy is not the forgiveness of our sins; but the love of His search for us when we have offended Him.  

To what possession can I renounce that haven't come through You, my Lord? There is only one Good, and no goods are good if not in You.  My All. 

With You, Jesus, in the lowest place. With You.

Jesus being with us is nos guarantee of salvation; our being with Him, is. As our pride can reject His fidelity, but His Mercy cannot reject ours.

Faith always separates from the temporal things of the world; and makes us part of an inseparable and eternal family. 

Keep my heart, Lord. When You come, without my expecting it, give it back to me - or give me yours... 

Asking God for our brothers doing a concrete act of justice is not knowing Him; we'd better ask Him for them to be just.

God listens to us with the patience and love of a Father, and so He expects from us to speak with the confidence and simplicity of a kid.

To embrace Christ as our Lord implies to open the gates of our home to Him, and to give Him everything that is ours. To embrace Him as Spouse means to open the gates of our heart to Him, and to stay before Him, receiving what is His. 

Mercy is the love of God before a soul or body that need healing.

The prize for our faithfulness is not the power of God; our prize is His love.

Jesus, I don't need to know where you take me to. I only want to be able to rest my head on your Heart. 

Christ asks to our whole being.  The loving answer from our body helps to preserve the natural order; the one from our mind, to know the mistery of God; the one from our spirit, to begin the eternal life. 

Becoming aware that we are sinners, unfaithful and unworthy, helps us valuing the infinite love of God, who forgives us what noone else could, and being merciful with the others, that don't have worse sins that ours.

Though enclosed in the coffin of our vice, prejudices, miseries and lies, just the voice of Jesus can rescue us. May your Word come to our inert soul, Lord!

The spiritual miracle of the Eucharistic presence is prefigured in the physical miracle of the multiplication of bread. Jesus could have told us, like before the paralytic: what is easier, to stay with you in the bread, or to feed this multitude? What would we have answered?

We are not only created in the image of God; we are called to take part in His trinitarian life: being perfect like the Father, loving like the Son, witnessing like the Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness is the first pentecostal gift, the atrium of the temple of God's love. It is the merciful embrace of the Father, the fruit of the Son's blood, the anoinment oil of the Holy Spirit.

Godís grace enters in our heart when we listen to His Word, and is spilled through our mouth when we announce it.

It is a soap bubble the tranquility that a medical prescription, a signed contract or a court ruling brings. The true, solid, permanent peace if what God's love gives to us.

Christ's love is new at every moment, in every person. So must be our love; so our hope; so our faith.

In your hand, Lord, I have no fear. Make me sensible, Jesus, not to get away from it!

The questions God asks us are not to express His doubts, but to purify ours.

The wounds of Christ heal us, but is His live Presence what make us fight for His Kingdom. 

He who walks towards God, ends up finding Him. But he who runs towards Him, enjoys His love for longer.

Love enlightens reason, taking it to God's mind. Hatred darkens it, pushing it away from His will. [Lk 23, 23]

The zenith of God's Mercy is not in His compassion for humankind. It is in His compassion for each and every of us.

Thanks, Lord, because there is no place in this world so far that, when I get appart from your Love, I stop listening the whisper of your call, and feeling the shadow of your Mercy. Thanks for in every sin land there is a way that takes us back to You.

Let me, Lord, be fetilizer of you vineyard. Taken in your hands to where it is needed, despised for its lowness, messenger of your Providence.

When we speak before God, we fail; when we are afraid of Him, we fail; when we make plans, we fail. But He receives our words, fears and plans with love; and waits to be listened to, to show us that His words, friendship and plans are the ones that will really makes us happy.

The result of our temptations doesn't depend on the devil; he always does a great job. The result depends on us; on how close we are to God: in mind, will and spirit.

I don't expect to be worth of the mission you call me to, Lord. I only expect to remember that I don't live up to it, so I never loosen from your hand.

The best part of Christ being beside us is not that He protects us, or teaches us, or corrects us; the best part is the He is showing us He belongs to us.

 May the longing for the great goods that God will give us in the futute don't keep us from tasting and thanking the present goods He gives us everyday.

The fruits that God makes us produce are not only good; they are always the best possible ones.

In God, Word and work are a single thing. May listening and acting be always joined in us.

There is no great man really great for God. There is no small one really small for God.

God was made flesh, but not worldy. He always listens to us, but doesn't always agree with us. He loves us, but doen't spoil us. He walks besides us, but not to go where we think.

There is a single step between God's promises and their marvelous achievement: our "yes".

To be forgiven, we need spiritual water. To be renewed, spiritual fire.

Every God's call is made under a politically or socially adverse situation. There is no political or social situation that stands longer that God's call.

I would go through any end of the world beside You, Jesus. I can't go through any ordinary day without You, Lord. 

Let your voice be the light that wakes me up, and the whisper that makes me sleep, Jesus. Let be the food that strengthens me and the oil that heals my wounds. Let be the shelter I rest in, the fire that warms me, and the strength that moves me.

Christ's words won't pass away. I want to be among the ones who will listen to them forever!

We cannot give God anything that is not already His, except our will. That is what He wants from us.

Listening to the Truth leads us closer to the Kingdom of God. Accepting and loving the Truth, makes us live in it.

The main fruit of faith is not believing, but following.

As necessary as realizing that God calls us to perfection, is accepting that the measure of it is His will, not our preferences.

The distance between us and Heaven is the one between our will and God's Will

Marriage is the first source of help, consolation and stability of human beings; is the oven of culture and society. Giving it an expiration date is attacking our past, our present and our future.

Knowing evil is not necessary to be free; on the contrary, the true freedom, the permanent peace and life blossom far from it.

When we ask God, we don't show Him our doubts; He already knows them. When we ask Him, we prepare ourselves to listen to His answer. Make us children before You, Lord, so that we ask you without fear and listen with admiration to your answers.

 You are my Lord, my Life, my Master, my Good. Tell me who I am, Jesus. 

God's graces never come alone. Besides our ear, our mouth is opened; besides our soul, our heart is healed; besides joy, peace is given to us.

Neither the tradition, nor the law nor the mayority of society are guarantee of justice or truth. Only the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Who converts them into Tradition, Law and People of God, vehicles of Justice and Truth that start and finish in Him.

Grant me, Lord, to remember your words of eternal life. So that I have the strength to come back to You after I moved away from You.

The Final Judgement, when the everlasting life will be given to the chosen ones, is the exaltation of Christ as Lord of the Creation. He who has received His Cross, His Word, His Body and Blood, will take part in His victory beside the Father.

Believing is saying yes to God's love mistery. Saying yes is receiving God in our spirit. Receiving Him is eating the Bread that comes down from heaven. Eating it is inheriting the life from God, everlasting life given by Christ to those who believe His word.

Though we cannot choose where or when our life will finish, we can prepare for that moment. I choose to come to He Who will satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst forever.

Behold an excelent description of the enterprise, the human institution called to bring prosperity to the whole world. A mission: "food for them to eat"; the unvaluable help of finance, personified in Philip: "Two hundred daysí wages worth of food would not be enough for each of them to have a little bit"; an R&D&I represented by Simon: "There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish"; a tactics of market approach "Have the people recline"; an efficient distribution "distributed them to those who were reclining, and also as much of the fish as they wanted"; and a policy of long-term resource use "Gather the fragments left over, so that nothing will be wasted".

What is missed in the above chain? The entrepreneur, personified by Christ. The one who transforms resources in richness. The one who makes the difference between today and tomorrow. May God send entrepreneurs to the world, and may Christ lead the hearts of all who take part in this miraculous process. Only with His blessing we can make, the impossible, real; the real, effective; the effective, perfect.

Looking after ourselves is necessary to be a better person. Looking after the others is necessary to be a person.

We must pay in the world the debt with those who bring us your Peace. This way, we don't owe them anything, we only owe You.

If it is God the One who chooses His prophets, why do we keep on deciding through whom He will speak to us?

When Christ takes us up He doesn't leave us weak or insecure, but He cleans us, strengthens us, encourages us, make us ready to walk beside Him towards the Father.

The hand of God is with me. It consoles me, protects me, takes me up, leads me.

Let us be daily a while beside You in silence, Jesus; so that You can explain us your word un private.

Knowing that You offered Yourself in the Cross for my salvation, gives me hope, Lord. Receiving You now in the Eucharist, gives me certainty.

Behold two greatest revelations: a Man has all power over the whole Creation, and God is Comunity of People. Let our mind be astonished, let our will be in love, let our freedom be submited.

The only door that stops the Holy Spirit is that of our heart. Let's open it, and listen joyfully to Christ's voice sending us.

Behold the deal. God gives us the life, choses us and calls us friends, shows us His secrets so we share His joy, and gives us His own love; in return, He asks us to behave that way with our neighbors: being generous, joyful, selfless, brothers.

It's an honor and a blessing to give fruits for the Kingdom of God, as branches of Him. But the best part of being joined to Christ-vine is to take part in his Life-sap.

My only consolation to neither knowing not following You, my Lord, is that You know and look for me.

Behold the Gospel we write; the day when Jesus shows alive to us. The Paschal day of our lifes.

The contemplation of God comes after our waiting more than after our calling. Since God reveals Himself to us at any time, and we must leave what we do and run to see and believe.  

I want to live the whole Passion, Lord. Not only as accuser in the trial, or as bretayer in the garden, or as a scared witness in the Golgotha; I want to testify in your favour, to bear your cross when you are in need, to be counted among the criminals beside You, to hug your offered body, to hold a wake over your tomb, to run at the news of your Resurrection.

Everyone of us falls to the ground. If we do it with Christ, dying to the world, we will stay beside Him when His Father glorifies Him.

We can't do anything to conquer God's Heart; but being beside His Son's.

There is no more sacred temple of God that our spirit. Let's enter with love for our Father, and expel firmly anything that is not His.

In the desert of the Lent, let's go up the Tabor of our spirit in silence, and say to Jesus "You are my beloved Brother, I am listening to You"

"Repent, and believe". First, conversion; then, faith. First, we have to open ourselves to God, so then He can enter in and transform us.

Just the faith of one is enough to be heard by God. But it is needed the faith of many to become heard by men. 

There is no uncleaness that your Mercy cannot clean, Lord. There is no deserted place where we cannot find You.

Behold the places where we can find Christ: in those who suffer, awaiting for our help; in our soul, when we listen in silence; in the temple, as Word and Bread of life.

Jesus, You've come to clean me, to take me up, to build me. I know Who You areóthe Holy One of God!

Our mind and will act as worldy nets that trap us, keeping us in the works of this world. Jesus, teach us to drop them, and to look up with the spirit's eyes after Your call.

It's not that I love You, Jesus, because of what other people told me about You. I love You because I've felt your voice and your presence, because You've come to my home and called me to Yours.

God's love for you is prior to you. He loves you each time of your life, before it comes. He loves you till the end of your life, before it finishes.

So perfectly Mary listened to the Word of God, that she conceived Him in her womb. Show us, Mother, how to listen to your Son!

We are yours, my Lord, before and after knowing You; before and after denying You; before and after loving You. When we offer You our lifes, we don't make you richer, yet we become richer, as we inherit your life.

Yes, my God; to what I understand, and to what I don't; to what I can, and to what I cannot; to what I am able to bear, and to what I am not. Thy Will be done in me!

Let's rejoice when we feel that our testimony is a cry (or a whisper) in the desert; because that is the prelude of the mighty action of God, on Whom our fruits depend.

We have to abandon our way to find the Way. We have to renounce our life to find the Life.

Jesus, despite You haven't come yet, knowing that I dwell in your house consoles me.

Make me, Oh Lord, witness of your Mercy; suffering with hope, and giving hope to those who suffer. From You, Mercy, I expect Justice; from You, Justice, I expect Mercy.

My Lord, I accept the fatigue, the sorrow, the doubts, the scorn, the loneliness that accomplishing your Will brings. I only ask You, my God, to never be afraid of your requests, because You stand always by me.

Jesus, yours are my lamp, my flask of oil and my oil. You are the breeze in the night and the rest of my eyes. You are the voice that calls me and the Bridegroom that opens the door to me. Your hug is the true and evertlasting wedding feast.

I don't care, O Lord, in which place I am if You call me friend. I don't care, O Lord, to move upper or lower, if You hold my hand.

In the world we love what we get to know and is good. But loving God is feeling loved by He who knows us wholly and perfectly, by He who holds us and gives us life, by He who loves us first and call us to Him. 

To pay the tax to Caesar is part of the tax we must pay to God: of justice in the temporal things and of humility in the everlasting ones.

The only limit to God's Mercy is at the gate of our heart.

The patience and mercy of God are infinite. But our time for repentance is limited.

Consider yourself a servant of God, to be considered by Him as a son. Tell Him yes with you works, despite saying no with your will.

Thanks, Lord, for receiving me in your vineyard; for giving me work, food and shelter; for let me join the chosen ones for your fields; for coming to pay me personally. And let me stay with You Lord, that is the wage I want.

When God forgives us, He performs an act of mercy towards us. When we forgive our brothers, we perform an act of justice towards God.

When you are to judge another person, first look through the list of your sins; it will help you to be prudent and merciful.

Let's be always gathered together with our guardian angel in Christ's name. This way He will always be with us.

Lord, this is the deal to eternity: I give you my life, and You give me my cross. Then I give you my cross, and You give me your life.

Christ is the One who gives us our position in the world. When we recognize Him as our Lord, we then receive from Him our mission and power.

God's ears are always close to our lips; His hands, opened before ours; His Heart, ready to give himself to us after the smallest sign of humility.

What we can't with faith, that makes us able to walk on the waters of the world, we can with confidence in God, Who comes swiftly to rescue us if we shout while sinking "Lord, save me!"

God has always the solution for our problems; the only thing is that we ourselves are always part of the solution...

To buy the Kingdom we sell what we have. But all we have is sin, and God is the one who buys it paying with Jesus blood, so that we buy with our freedom what He has, which is His love.

God is not a magician, but an artist; He doesn't create a finished work, rather creates the materials and enjoys making the Kingdom painting. A painting in which there is a place for the imperfect detail, even for the temporal enemy of the work, but that is marvellous and perfect as a whole. 

Blessed the field that feels the feet of the Sower who walks on it!

The Eucharist is a secure means to receive the Holy Spirit, giver of Life; mistery of God's Love, Who dells in our body and soul, sanctifying them and preparing them for the everlasting life. 

The final Judgement is the exaltation of the God-Trinity's love, showed by Christ to Humankind. Those who have received it until the end, stay in it forever. Those who have rejected it until the end, are taken away from it forever.

The Holy Spirit is the spiritual air and fire. Without Him, there is no movement, no heat, no light, no life in our spirit. Come, Oh Spirit of God!

Beside You, my Lord, I have fear, but I not panic. Beside You, Lord, I have sorrow, but not desperation. Beside You, Lord, I feel weak, but never alone. Beside You, Lord, I am knocked down, but not crushed. Because You, Jesus, protect me, heal me, hold me, get me up, lead me with love and power to our Father.

Behold the big secret of God. Our mind can know Him because He is the Word; but only loving Him we will be able to know His Spirit, who is Love, because He Himself will come and dwell in us.

We can point out the Way; we can proclaim the Truth; but above everything, we must let the Life do His works in us.

Only in God's Heart is written our real name; only Christ's voice can pronounce it.

When we really find Jesus, when He indeed touches our heart and our life, is when we stop listening skeptically to the words about Him, and become witnesses of His marvels.

We cannot put our fingers into the nailmarks of Christ risen; but we can feel undoubtedly when He tells us, with words that fill up our spirit with His love, "Peace be with you".

As the cross is sign of scandal or hope, so the empty tomb is sign of deception or confirmation of Christ's words. What are both, cross and tomb, for you?

The blood of Christ not only redeemed us, but also made infinite the value of our soul.

Lord Jesus, You have words of eternal life; your words are eternal life; You are the eternal Life. Where will we go far from You but to a hopeless death?

The one who doesn't know Christ is more blind than the one who cannot see the light of the sun. There is greater joy in recognizing Christ as our true light than in recovering the sight.

Today, Christ waits for you at he bus stop, at your workdesk, at your bedside, at your kitchen counter. Ask Him, as the Samaritan woman, to give you the water of His grace, that will satisfy your thirst of truth and hope.

If we listen to Christ we will get to see the Father, as with His words the Holy Spirit will come to our life. Only refusing to listen to Him we will escape from His grace and will move apart from Him forever.

To tempt is to tell someone not to do God's will; so to tempt God is to tell Him not to do His will, that is, to tell Him not to be Himself. The opposite of to tempt is to say God's will be done, as Mary with her fiat, or in the wedding at Cana: "do whatever He tells you".

The words said by men behind God's back are sand on which the great Mankind failures are built. Only God's Word is the rock on which the true life, present and coming, is set.

To eat, to walk, to breathe, to go to the toilet, to sleep, to speak, everything must be done for God's glory. Since seeking His Kingdom consists on sanctifying, as Mary did, every moment of our life.

The infinite powerfulness of God is not shown in the acts of nature, but in the acts of love; in the love to His enemies: to those who deny Him, who hate Him, who want to kill Him. The same love He demands from us to be His children.

The love of Christ: that is the only key to Heaven, the key to God's Heart. Each commandment is an application of His Love: for us, our mind, our body, our spouse, our parents and children, our friends, our enemies.

We are not invited by Jesus to be light of the world; we are done light of the world by Him. If we don't light the others with our live, we are rejecting our supernatural vocation, we are against our nature rebuilt by His blood in Truth and Love.

God does not take our pain away; but comforts us with hope. He doe not makes us rich; but fills our life. He does not give us the world; but gives Himself to us. 

There isn't such a faraway, dark or dirty place in man's soul where the light of God cannot get to shine.

We can know Jesus in different ways. But we won't do in truly, as St John did, until the Holy Spirit descend to the river of our soul, where Christ stands beside us, and point Him as the Messiah.

To give us water, Christ comes to us to ask for it. To baptize us, He comes to us to be baptized. To save us as God, He comes to us as Man.

The stars of God's message appear for everyone. But they are watched only by those who contemplate the sky of the spirit with perseverance, and only those who follow them with hope get to He who they lead to.

We can not only listen to the Word of God; but also can touch Him, feel Him, contemplate Him, hug Him, love Him.
It is not that the wise or the just or the saint men get to understand the Word of God; but those who open their heart to Him are the ones who became wise, just and saint.

When God came to the world, He chose the best place to grow up, learn, feel secure, attended and loved: the family.

Before the eyes of a just man of the first century, and with indisputable human evidences, Mary had seriously offended God. Let's learn from st Joseph, who received her according to God's love, and not according to human judgements.

God's works are His whispers. We must learn to listen to them, meditate on them, love them before His Word shows up, and His "I Am" resounds powerfully in our spirit.

Baptize me, Lord! May the fire of your Wisdom defeat the blindness of my soul; may the fire of your Humility destroy the haughtiness of my heart; may the fire of your Pureness consume the dirtiness of my life; may the fire of your Love light and live up the charity that languishes in my spirit. May it be purified, lighted, livened and burned by the Holy Spirit!

He who falls in love with Jesuschrist not only waits for His coming; but also calls Him constantly with love and joy, willing that He come soon.

Before Jesus Christ, there are no foreigners, no exiles, no emigrants. We all are servants and brothers of His - because there is a single King, a single Kingdom, a single and common future for all those who accept His Mercy.

I cannot think of a better way to be hated than to witness that I love God my Father. I don't find any hope, truth or rest outside Him.

Living forever won't make us happy. To possess God will do - but for that, we need an eternity!

We don't know when the salvation will come in our home. But we do know who will bring it: JesusChrist

God does not love the small or poor ones more than the great or rich ones. God loves more those who look at themselves with humility; because all of us are small, poor and sinners.

If perseverance makes a dishonest judge to deliver a right decission for the one who insists him, it will certainly make God, who loves us, secure the rights of his chosen. But, do we really persevere in requesting what is just?

Who better than Mary heared the word of God, that spilled from Gabriel in her Immcaulate Heart, was made flesh in her womb.

Let's feel as children of God when it comes to receiving His paternal love, and as foreigners when it comes to thank Him for His undeserved mercy.

To have faith is to accept the words and trust on the will of He who (we know) loves us.

All things that we become attached to, make us be apart from God. We become attached to things when we forget other people in enjoying them, or when it is so difficult to accept not having them.

God spills His graces to and speaks through every person. So we can learn from everyone, with prudence and humbleness, no matter how unjust his actions can appear.

No matter how lost and miserable you may feel, never lose your hope. Because when you less expect it, Christ will come, will put on His shoulders and will take you to the Father's House.

To follow Christ, we must first fight a love battle against Him. If we lose the battle, we must renounce everything we have, and we win everything we are. If we win the battle, we keep everything we have, and we lose what we are called to be.

While praying, before God, put yourself among sinners. Let He be the One who heal your wounds, or put you among saints.

God didn't create the gate to Heaven narrow. He simply created it for the humble ones. 

We all are small. Our greatness comes from the acts that God does through us when we open our heart to Him and give Him our life.

To be vigilant doesn't mean to turn our back on the world; it means to find God's footprint in every thing in the world, and let that footprint lead us to He who left it for us.

We have three goods: our life, given to us by God, our freedom or ability tochoose the good, also created by God, and the acts of love that we perform thanks to His grace. Any other thing doesn't belong to us, and feeling it as ours is a means of being greedy.

God never disregards the prayers of a mother, even if she asks for the highest of Heaven for her children. So He won't disregard Mary's prayers, whose words don't need to be heared as they are formed in the very Heart of God.

We can see in Martha the liturgy, and in Mary the contemplation. The first prepares a worthy reception to the Lord; but only the latest ensures the fruitful enjoyment of His Presence. 

We all know how to be good samaritans. The key is to learn how to be in every moment, with every person.

Let us pray for the Lord to send out laborers to His harvest. But let us not be afraid if He calls ourselves...

In serving God we don't lose anything. Because even what we renounce to is given back to us, purified and perfected.

Depending on our union with Jesus, the name we call Him will change: the Son of God, our Savior, our Master, our Friend, our Spouse, our All.

Without the Eucharist, the life of Jesus would have been the greatest love history of all times, happened in the first century. The Eucharist makes us main characters of this love history, today.

God the Father gives us the Son for our salvation; God the Son gives us the Holy Spirit for our perfection; God the Holy Spirit give us the Father for our hapiness.

Look at yourself from Heaven, "ascended". Understand that what you live now, especially trials, renounces and sorrow, is necessary to enjoy God's presence.

The Peace of Christ is not like the world's one. It is not agreed, but donated; it is not temporal, but everlasting; it is not written in paper with ink, but in the heart with love; it is not based in words, but in the Word.

Christ's love is love of redemption, of confusion for the world and awe for Heaven: love for our enemy, for he who curses us, who chases us, who kills us.

Open my ears to your voice, Lord. Voice that leads, that protects, that gives strength and peace. Voice that pulls us out of the darkness and takes us to the Father.

Like Peter, we are called to follow Christ in different occassions. Each call is an act of God's love; each answer is an act of humility and purification. 

The last beatitude from Christ is addressed His Church throughout History: "blessed are those who have not seen and have believed"

After Christ's Resurrection, no Calvary ends in the cross any more.

Like the colt of Jerusalem, let's be prepared to serve Jesus at any moment

Oh Lord, write with your finger in my heart, in my soul with your look, in my life with your word; and may the shame I feel for my sins never let me look down and get away from You.

To obey God is enough to be beside Him. But to enjoy His presence, we need to listen to Him, to look at Him, need to learn from His love.

Christ acted as a man, with God's strength; and spoke as God, with man's words. Let's listen to Him, and let's act according to His teachings.

Economic temptation: our society of wellbeing doesn't need God. Political temptation: democracy is above moral. Spiritual temptation: God must deliver us from uncomfortability.

The Beatitudes are not only a reason for our hope, but also a marvellous proof of God's merciful love.

God doesn't call us to catch a lot of fish, but to lower the nets in His name.

Today, the Scripture is fulfilled. Today, Christ calls you; today, you follow Him to the Calvary; today, you live His resurrection; today, you are sent to proclaim the good news. Today.

To have hope in the Messiah implies to receive Him no matter when and how He comes. Let's not pressupose how He will act in us, but let's be open to accept joyfully what He wants of us when He finally shows. 

The vocation of every christian is not only the spiritual marriage with God, but also to answer promptly to His call, to accept and use His gifts, to enjoy His grace throughout the life.

Let the fire of my Baptism be revived by You, Lord! Let the Holy Spirit posess my being, which belongs to Him! 

We are all called to me witnesses of the Light, as St John. But he preached before Jesus's public life; we do it after, with the previous witness of millions of martires, with the legacy of two thousand years of spirituality.

Jesus is in your house, in your way, among your friends and relatives. But if you don't find Him in any place, go to the Temple. There He awaits for you.

Like St. John in the sterile womb of St. Elisabeth, so the grace is reborn in our sterile spirit by God, and make us praise loudly Mary, who brings always the Lord with her.

Joy is the scent of God's presence

There aren't darker valleys and mountains than those in our spirit; letīs smooth it so that God comes and blesses it without limit, as in the Inmcaulte Mary's one!

Not all of us will live the universal apocalypse; but we all will live our personal apocalypse - our body will be destroyed and Jesus will cme to our soul as eternal King. Let's be prepared!

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Truth, not opinion; of Justice, not tolerance; of eternal Hapiness, not temporal wellbeing.

Nothing we know in the present world will survive. Only God remains unchanged; only His Word goes through changes of History powerfully.

We are the measure of our generosity; as God does not judge what we give, but if we give ourselves when giving.

In the blessings at the mountain, it is described not only the happiness of eternal life; but also the perfect terrenal one: that of the meek, the clean of heart, the merciful, the ones who desire righteousness, the ones who face sorrow and persecution for the sake of Christ.

Being content with less than God is being content with so little...

Be humble. When you are served, Christ serves you. When you serve, you are Christ.

To enter in God's Kingdom, first the Kigndom must enter in our heart; and It will not fit in it if we don't remove everything except the love for God and His Will.

God in the children, the children in the marriage, the marriage in God.

We have to choose who despises us: men, if we are beside God, or devil, if we are against Him. 

The rule to measure greatness is not fame, but self-giveness.

How can we embrace our cross, if we don't recognize it in our daily sacrifice? Yet it is there, knitted in every small privation or sorrow.

When God approaches you to touch your heart, He always says first "Ephphatha". When you open first your heart to God, He always approaches you to touch it.

Only in the man's heart the marvellous Creation of God can be darkened. Our doubts about the sorrow are the proof that none of us are saved from this imperfection.

Christ's words are the true reason for our faith. Each of His sentences is much worthier than our life.

The Eucharist is in a way a donation of God's divinity.

Contemplating Jesus in the Eucharist is like contemplating Him in the manger: so small and great at the same time, quiet but surrounded by His glory, in need of our sheltering while spilling His gifts without limit. 

Jesus, Bread from Heaven, is not the reinforcement of our spiritual life. He is the true basis of our being, the source of our everlanting life.

Devote your life to listening and following the Lord; His Providence will give you whatever you need meanwhile.

You pack my luggage, Lord, for my journey in the world. What I find in it, welcome is.

Accept, Lord, the key to my will - the only obstacle for your action in my soul; keep it, and give it back yo me on Heaven...

What in need of mercy are those who make fun of Christ and His Church! Because such people were put out by Him.

The world's stern is in the Tabernacles, where Christ is waiting for our prayers in the squalls we face.

When I receive the Eucharist I feel like Sant John, leaned against Jesus' chest.

When you feel completely alone, clean your eyes with tears, and you'll find Jesus is always beside you. Everyday. Till the end.

Created by the Father; saved by the Son; sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Such a love, can be neither understood, not deducted; it is experienced, and proclaimed!

Like the apostles should stay in Jerusalem, so we must stay in the Church to receive the Holy Spirit.

God is love. You are image of love. And what inside you does not come from love, it isn't anything.

Even the glory of the fruits of grace is taken off from us in this world; so only being joined to Christ as true vine counts, that is living in God's love.

Let's put our life in God's hands so that no one can take it from us, but He can use what He gave us first.

Open, Lord, my mind to your wisdom; open my heart to your love; open my hands to you will; open my life to your Spirit's blowing.

We believe in Christ, but, would we recognize Him touching His wounds? He who suffers is in Jesus wounds; let us be before our brothers sorrow like Thomas before the Master

We cannot run to the tomb, neither can we go to Galilee to see Jesus arisen. But we can wait for Him in the innermost of our heart. There He will come.

Perhaps Peter would have died for Christ in a battle; but not in the night, in a lonely garden, in a ambush. Yet, it is there where we must die for Him: in the loneliness of incomprehension, in the bitterness of personal sorrow, in the quiet and anonymous trial.

You've been created to possess God, and the only coin you have to get it is yourself.

Between the light of God and the darkness of evil, there is the half-light of the confessional; there we can show our bad works without fear to reproach or anger, and feel the silent and purificatory embrace of God.

Let's expel from the temple of our spirit the animal flesh, the coins of the world, the self-contemplative soberb. Christ taught us how to: with the scourge of self-control, prayer, humility, contemplation of God.

Sanctity and self-giving do not stand only on the hope for the future, but also on the past experience of God's love. Before the Calvary there is always a Transfiguration; and the best one, the Eucharist.

Fast is crucible of wills, shield against temptation, gate to Calvaries and Passovers.

Lord, help me to overcome any barrier in my spirit that prevents me from get closer to You to get your forgiveness and grace.

I am not afraid of my sins, but of being far from God. I am not in peace for being near Christ, but for feeling His love.

The truth must not only be proposed; the truth must be proclaimed, lived, shouted. Because the truth is not only the light of mind; the truth is the life of the spirit, the source of being, the Only Word of God. 

Between the love, wisdom and mercy of God and us, only our heart hardness interposes. Came in, Lord, renew it and throw out from it eveything you haven't created!

May I fall, Lord, from the horse that takes me away from You. Change, Lord, my nets so that I can take whatever you expect me to.

Every answer to God's call starts with realizing His presence; listening to His voice quietly; feeling His love with reverence.

We aren't worthy to serve Christ; but we can serve our brothers. Blessed is he who believes without seeing Him; blessed is he who finds Christ in his brother, and servers Him in him.

God's Action, His Word, has become Man in our History. So we, men, must be action of God in it.

Let me, Lord, live for Jesus and Mary. Behold my hands to held the sign of contradiction; behold my heart too, to be pierced.

God is always with You. Are you always with Him?

Only God can bring Justice to the world, through the conversion of each heart; any attempt of agreement behind His back will lead us to another Babel.

There aren't higher mountains and deeper and darker valleys that those in our spirit. But just with a bit of faith we can make them a plain; since God doesn't have to make miracles to work wonders inside us.

It's not that God wants to come when the man is not waiting for Him; is that the man who is not waiting for Him at every moment, is not prepared for His coming.

There is no greater dignity for us than being able to stand before God; noone has such a dignity, but he who cleans himself in Christ's blood. Only accepting and living His Sacrifice we will be able to face fearless His Exaltation day!

God is in the life details; our faithfulness in the small matters is the best way to be always beside Him.

Come, Lord, in the temple of my spirit. Expel the carnal desires and the worldy plans. Let Your voice ring out in it, destroy whatever You haven't built, and rebuild everything for You.

Jesus is the Way; the cross marks it. Jesus is the Truth; from the cross it is proclaimed. Jesus the Life; the cross is the gate to it.

Without loving God, there is no neighbour. Without loving God, we move away from every man; even from ourselves.

Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. But we all belong to God; even Caesar.

Concede us, Lord, no matter where we are or what we are doing, to answer your call with joy and speed.

Concede me to be humble, Lord, before You and before my brothers. Since only You are Architect, only You Master, only You Father.

Without moments of prayer and meditation, we cannot do what God wants. Since what makes us act are not our words, but our will, and the true "yes" to God is said from it.

Our reward is not only to enter in your Kingdom, Lord. It is also to work now and here for You, to live beside You the ups and downs of the world, to work with hope in your loving welcome.  

On the cross, it is exalted not humiliation, but humility. Not suffering, but sacrifice. Not defeat, but victory.

Before evil, God calls us to correction and mercy. Satan, however, to indifference or tolerance.

I want to live not only in God, but for God. I want to think and love not only like God does, but what God does.

The Church is guarantee of the promise, presence and Providence of God.

I prefer the scraps from God to the delicacies of the world.

Look for God in the silence of the ill person who cannot speak, in the stillness of a sleeping baby, in the sincerity of a repentance tear, in the whisper of a prayer.

God is for free; we cannot pay the price of having Him. But His callÖ costs our whole life.
I don't want loveliness, but Beauty; I don't want knowledge, but Wisdom; I don't want well-being, but Life. I don't want me, but You.

It is not that angels cannot separate weeds from wheat. It is that until the end we won't know if we are weeds or wheat; so everyone is treated like wheat.

Be the seed for my heart, Lord. Let me be the field where your Word sprouts.

The Wisdom is in God; the worldís knowledge is a shadow of this Wisdom. To consider the worldís science as the true light comes from Satan.

Each man is called to be a stone of Godís Church. If we reject that call, we will be like a worked stone in the middle of the worldís desert.

Christ does not promise us not to have any sorrows. But He ensures us that, if we remain beside Him, the ones we suffer will come from Gad and will be for our good.

What have we received not being free? Just the cross we bear is really ours, and that is only thing we cannot give anyone!
Knowledge and jugdement of human heart belong to God. We only can get close to the other's heart through love.
The Father creates and holds us, the Son feeds us, The Spirit enlivens us. Essence, bread, fire! An only God given to man; who will answer to this love?
The Final Jugdement is the exaltation of Christ as King of Universe. He who has kept beside Him, will reign with Him forever. He who doesn't, will be sent away forever.
°Come, Holy Spirit! Heart of God, Treasure of Life, divine Chalice of everlasting Love, °come to us!
Jesus is now with us, until the end of the world. After that, we will live in Him, forever.
It would be enough for me, Lord, to be your servant. But it is not enough for You, since when I serve You, You call me friend.

I don't want to go another Path, to know another Truth, to live another Life but You, Jesus. Because any other path leads to destruction, any other truth darkens our mind, any other life is empty and short.

When calling Himself Sepherd, Jesus describes His people as sheep. That is, tame and obedient.
We never walk without Christ. He is always with us, lighting our spirit with His wisdom and love. Even when we don't recognize Him beside us.
I don't need to touch your wounds to believe in You, Lord. But I need to find You in my brothers' face, to love them as You do.
If Christ has not been raised, empty is our faith; but desirable are our love acts. However, if He has been raised, to accept it is to find eternal life, and to reject is to close oneself to Truth forever.
The reason for my faith? The witness of my elders. For my hope? Christ's Resurrection. For my love for Him? His life, passion and death. A proof for all that? My life experience.
God is powerful to renew what has died in your spirit, to bring back to life what you consider lost. But you have to take away the stone of your spirit, let His voice enter and act.
Only the spirit can be deceived. Only he who is similar to God can betray Him.
Every true encounter with Christ transform us in His witnesses. Since God's water moves by itself, and not even the most closed heart can contain it.
Christ's works point Him out as the Son of David, the Mesiah. His words, as the Son of God, I-Am on earth.

Temptation is like a push in our spiritual journey. Either it makes us fall if we don't put our attention on God, or it makes us go forward quicker to Him.

Renew your faith in the scene of the Baptism at the Jordan river, your hope on the mountain of the blessings, your love at the top of the Calvary.

The good servant of God does not wonder if God loves him, or if God listens to him, or if God is close to him; the good servant wonders if he loves God, if he listens to God, if he is always in His presence.

God has loved you since ever; let Him love you forever. You can see Him in the immensity of outside; listen to Him in the depth of inside. His call is constant; offer yourself to Him restlessly.

Jesus claims for our help: a man baptizes Him, a man carries His cross, a man stays in charge of His Church. Offer yourself for His service: surely something great is prepared for you.

Let our life be like the star at Bethlehem; let us lead to God those who see our acts.

Blessed are they who keep God in their heart. Because God will keep them in His.

To he who closes his ears, God speaks even against his will. But he who listens to Him will receive His Word even while sleeping. 

Hope converts wait time in Advent time.

There is no joy without renounce. No life without sacrifice. No love without selfgiving. No salvation without judgement.

Once an hour at least, make yourself in God's presence. Get inside your spirit, praise Him, ask Him for forgiveness, thank Him. Be prepared to go with Him, should that be His will. Then keep on working.

Don't erase my name from your Heart, Lord, and concede me to die like Dimas: recognizing You as King and as Man-God.  

I don't deserve, neither pretend, to walk an easy way beside You. But I implore You, Jesus, to be faithful in your service. Don't let me call Lord anyone but You.

With our acts of faith and hope, God writes His Name in us. With our acts of love, we write our names in God.

Like the sycamore that Zacchaeus climbed, Mary receives us and present us before Jesus's eyes. Let's feel small like Zachaeus to ask for Mary's help.

Concedeme, Lord, to live kneelt before You!

Your prayer of today is the seed for your faith of tomorrow. Pray restlessly, so when the Son of Man comes to you, He find you with the lamp of faith lighting your life.

What is more important, Jesus curing your leprosy, or his giving you life today? Go and thanks Him then. Perhaps you will hear Him saying today "your faith has saved you".

The one who serves God during the day is His servant. The one who servers Him in the evening, already tired, is a good servant. The one who servers Him even at night, without any other strenght but the love for his Lord, that is His friend.

Each person suffering is image of Christ at the Calvary. That's why the injustice we do to the one who suffers clamours for the Justice of God. 

God is the backer of those who have nothing to pay with. When we help a person in need, God becomes our truly debtor.

I am a prodigal son, Lord. How many times have I gone away again, after your loving welcome? How many times I have returned and You have hugged me stronger than before?

Concede me, Lord, to prefer You to what you detest, so I can prefer You to what you love.

No place is good in the banquet if far from You, Lord. Beside You, the place does not matter: at the dinner, in the kitchen, opening the door...

The good moments, beside You, my Lord. The bad moments, beside You. What I desire, beside You; what I don't, beside You. Awake or sleeping, beside You. Sick or healthy, beside You. In peace or in sorrow, beside You. May dying be to stay beside He with whom I have spent my whole life.

In this world, the Truth does not bring unity, but purification. Since the truth does not accept agreements or concessions; the Truth is perfect Himself. Either we accept Him, or reject Him.

To stay spiritually awake, we must do the same as with our body: to be in (spiritual) company, to talk (pray), and to have estimulants (sacraments) frequently.

To enjoy the world's beauty, makes us closer to God. To desire it deeply, moves us away from Him.

Give me, Lord, perseverance to ask for constantly, prudence to ask for what is good, humility to receive what I asked for.

Lord, concede me that while my body and mind serve the others, my spirit rest beside You.

If neighbor is he who treats us with mercy, then no-one closer to us than God Himself.

"I am sending you like lambs amongs wolves". God does not demand from us of being strong before the world, but obedient before Him. He takes charge of wolves...

Every bad action requires our droping ourselves on the earth first, so we end up eating mud. The good actions, on the contrary, require to jump to void first, but let us fly peacefully and securely after.

All evil ways are so similar, its fruits so horrendously alike... Yet, goodness is so endless, so new at any moment, so surprising in every detail, so huge and unexpected.

Enjoy when God asks you for something impossible, like your being perfect. Because then His Mercy has prepared something great for you.

The Mistery of God is not what we will never know about Him. It is that from Him that makes us fall silent, and at the same time fills and transforms us.

The Tower of Babel was not an offence to God because men wanted to reach Heaven; it was because they wanted to come up from earth, instead of from the spirit. Furthermore, there is no need to go up; the Spirit of God Himself come to us, if we close our body's doors, and open our soul's ones.

Outside your light, my God, I don't find but perversion and death. Don't let us go deep in the darkness, Lord; keep us in your Love!

Lord, woe to me if for my faithfulness you measure my love! Concede me to be faithful to Your grace, swift following Your word, eager of Your will.

To love one another as You loved us. Behold something greater than any human right, greater than any worldly license to man hapiness. Behold the command that raises us to God's highness, the true and only source of Peace for mankind. 

Who will be able to do works greater than Yours, God! Only he who lets the Holy Spirit fill him; he who gives himself entirely to the Father's will; he who loves You more than his life

How many lifes would I need to say I love You, for each time I have denied You! Behold my hands, Lord, dress me and lead me to wherever You want, now and in the eternity.

Let my life be like your wounds, Jesus. May he who touch it proclaims You God and Lord.

Today the new year truly starts. Today, feast of Resurrection, we have the grace we need for any wish of improvement. Let us then ask without fear to be transformed in Christ.   

Each moment of my life is a battle, and opportunity of being faithful. Each defeat takes me at the foot of the cross, to implore mercy. Each victory takes me also at the foot of the cross, where Heave's gate is opened.

Each moment that we do not belong completely to God, that we do not work for His glory, will be void in eternity - as if it had never existed. Now think: in your life years, how much time will have you really lived?

Concede me Lord, to drain quickly my worldy heritage, so that I be eager for your richness soon. Concede me to think in You during the hangover of sin. Concede me to go towards You to beg for being at your service.

Remind me, Lord, to remove the sandals of my ego when getting close to my brother, and to cover the eyes of my judgement, since his spirit is holy ground.

The Tabor can be your place of work, of study, of rest, of illness, of meditation. Wherever Christ manifests you as Light of the word, as Beloved Son, you will say like St Peter "it is good that I am here".

Blessed be the clean of heart, because they will find God also in temptation, and in pain, and in desolation.

With friends, love is union.  With enemies, it is renounce. 

Only by looking at the depth of your sorrow, Lord, we can start to understand the infinitude of your love. 

Let my impure lips praise You, Lord! He who does not know me, recognize in my words your Wisdom; he who knows me, recognize in the sterility of my heart your merciful hand.

In your place they wanted to kill You for not doing miracles. The greatest miracle of all is your presence. Stay with us, Lord!

What I did yesterday, what I do today, even what I will do tomorrow, is applied to my salvation now. Possess me this very moment, Lord!

Like in the Wedding at Cana, the spouses blessed by Jesus Christ in Mary's Heart enjoy the best wine of love at the end of their way together.

The Wise men rode a long journey to Bethlehem. The shepherd were awake when they received the announcement. Simeon awaited a whole life to see the Savior. God shows Himself to those who keep seeking Him; the reward is worth a life of journey and vigilance.

Each moment, a new moemnt starts. God gives it to you, and God takes it from your life. Bring it back to Him full of your work and prayer.

Oh, night of contemplation! Before You, baby God, the mouth is closed and the heart opened; the words are finished and the tears spilled; the memory is gone out and the will lighted. Blessed be You forever!

God has paid your slavery debt. What are you waiting for to throw your chains away from you?

Not only the denarius You have promised me is my reward, Lord. It is also and specially to work in your vineyard since early morning, bearing the worldy sun while knowing I work for You.

We belong to God. Why don't we give Him what is His?

Everything we do for God's Will is holy and, as such, incorruptible and undying. But, ay!, everything we do against God's Will is withered and destined to death. Yet, we have been created to live forever!

It is not only to give everything; it is to be sure that we won't miss anything, because You always provide.

Vanquished, humilliated, defeated by devil. Yet, I can bless! You are still beside me, Lord!

Teach me, Lord, to close my mouth to worldly sand and mud; °You've created me for heavenly food!

Jesus, I don't deserve to ask you for being at your side; neither I feel strong enough to drink your cup. Give me your cup, Lord, and give me the strength to drink it.

More than you love God after His forgiving you, He loves you before forgiving you.

The most terrifying storm in our spirit ends up in a quiet dawn after God's forgiveness.

God isn't tolerant, is merciful. He doesn't accept the evil in us, but calls us to conversion with infinite patience.

There is no beauty outside God. Every desire of a material being that separates us from the Lord, disfigures and perverts that being in our heart.

There are no spiritual "cesareans". Every birth to eternal life implies passing through a narrow and sorrowful path.

Your thousand years of sins will be a single day for the Lord; your moment of justice will be a thousand years for God. Have your moment of justice right now.

When I fall on earth, defeated by Satan, let me Lord remember that I am in the Calvary with You, crushed by the cross and in rush to stand up to go to the Father. 

All of us are in the Calvary: either looking at the Crucified in the distance, either spitting to Him, either crying before Him, or crucified beside Him.

The Assumption of Mary is the glorious journey, previous to Her Coronation. The Assumption is a demonstration of God's joy and bounty, is triumph for Mary, for Christ, for the Church and for each of us.

Let me, Lord, see my brothers transfigurated in You.

Behold the loaves and fish of my life, Lord. So little are they for your eternal plans!...

Marriage is a bowl in which God spills life. To pospone and to schedule coldly the arrival of children is to despise imprudently the Providence, whose plans are inmensely greater than ours.

Before life and after death, before love and after hatred, and during every moment, God is. To deny Him prevents us from knowing He who creates life, defeats death, starts love, forgives the sinner and fills with grace every moment given to us by Himself.

To look for temptation imprudently is to go to war without weapons. Only He who, in His Providence, allows temptation, gives us the grace to vanquish it.

Love precedes forgiveness. Love of he who asks for forgiveness; love of he who loves after being offended. That's why it is so difficult to forgive if God's love has not being experienced; because that love leads us to love our enemies, opening us to forgive them.

The Lord always spills on the bowl of our soul more mercy than fits in it.

When we mix up the punishment deserved for a crime with the hatred to the culprit, we are hiding with a mask of death the Justice face, whose highest manifestation is the love to the enemy.

Only a Christian, who lives profoundly God's love made selfgiving in the Calvary, can offer his life for those who kill him.

In the Sacrament of Penance I feel furher that forgiven; just for a moment, I feel rescued, freed, arisen.

Our lifes are coins minted with the Blood of Christ. They have so little value in this world, but can buy the eternal goods.

Concede me, Lord, not to die at the foot of the cross, but nailed on it.

Concede me, Lord, to remember other's golgothas in my tabors. And concede me to remeber your Calvary in my golgothas.

I know there won't be peace for my spirit while on earth. But it is quite enough the consolation of feeling crucified with You, and the joy of knowing that my unfaithfulness is forgiven.

We still ask Christ for being delivered from the present roman empires, and for reigning on our private israels. But Jesus came to defeat the death, and to reign on the universal people of God.

Lord, how many cocks will have to crow before I cry for my betrayals?

Our interior battles are important, not because of ourselves, but because He for whom we fight.

I am yours, Lord. Don't let me give myself to anyone who is not my owner.

Keep me a place in the cross, Lord. I am on the way with Mary.

How intelligent Satan is! To a single dangerous tree in the Paradise, He was able to attrack us. From the bottomless richness of grace stored in the Creation, in our spirit and specially in the Chruch, he is able to keep us away.

God is always surprising, always novel.

Pretending to be like God, we move away from Him. Making ourselves small and weak, we get to possess Him.

Lord, we find You in ourselves. We love You in the others.

When even you cannot forgive yourself, God forgives you; when your misery has defeated you and you grieve with bitterness tears, God brings peace to you mildly.

Spend some time a day to take out the dirty water of the world from your spirit; and, whenever you can, even for a moment, address your spirit or only your voice to God, to pump out the water that enters again in the daily activity.

God gives you every single moment of your life; how many times did you offer it to Him for His Will to be done?

Where will I find, Lord, tears to cry for the times I have denied You?

°How many times we hear God's voice, and we say it is a thunder, or chance, or our imagination!

Beside Mary, we can feel forever the protection of a baby in the arms of his Mother...

Concede me, Lord, to watch outdoor like the shepherds of Bethlehem. Concede me to get out the enclosures in which my soul stays and to listen to your Word in the open night. Concede me to be disposed to stand up and to adore you in any manger of the world.

Lord, You come to my heart as You went to Bethlehem, small and adorable. I offer You the gold of your grace fruitful  in my spirit, the incense of my prayer, the myrrh of my selfgiving to death.

Everything is inmense in you, Mary! The greatness of the baby in your womb, the admiration at the mistery in your mind, the love to God in your Heart.

What awesome love makes a God rejected by His creature demand her again and again!

°Cling to your cross! °Stare at the Crucified! Only this way you will be free from the sticky and most bitter embrace of the world.

Jesus stayed not only IN the Eucharist, but also BESIDE the cross. Where there is a cross, Jesus is. Beside he who suffers hunger, thirst, illness, nudity, loneliness, darkness. The Calvaries of the world are tabernacles of the Shepherd Who looks for every lost sheep.

The true prayer puts in our lips the word of God. So, it is image of God the Son as divine prayer of the Father. Let's pray at every moment, in order to take part in the life of God.

Each act against God's will is dirt that reduces our spiritual vision. Blessed are we if we remain clean, for we will see He who is pure Spirit.

To take your yoke, Lord, does not mean to carry on a heavy burden - that's why it is easy. To take it means to look ahead without break and to walk meekly to the Father - that's why it is so hard for us.

My way if full of stones, Lord. And I don't care being hurt when I step on them; but I grieve when I stop looking at you each time I stumble and fall.

May my mouth praise you always, Lord. May your presence in my heart open constantly my lips.

So many times we wonder why your will is different from our will; but we should ask for our will being the same as yours.

Le me, Lord, bear the daily heat working in your vineyard. May I do not rest in the evil shade, without knowing if you will come looking for me before the sunset.

Forgiveness is a direct gift from God, the predilected son of mercy, silent messenger of peace. There is neither blessing not coming through it, nor hope residing outside it. Forgiveness is the true companion of Christ at the Calvary, the nickname of God's love for sinners.

Work with enthusiasm and virtue for the present. The future is already prepared by God.

What a foolish I am, O Lord, when I look for rest from the long way in the noisy and stinky inn of the world, instead of in the quiet and scented garden of your Heart!

Every living being dies because of aging or for being attacked by a more powerful enemy. The living Church is constantly renewed by the Sacraments and the incorporation of selected members, and She does not have an enemy more powerful than her, being the Body of the Almighty. So She cannot die neither for aging, nor for becoming vanquished.

The words of the world are dog's food. They animalize, impoverish and fill us without satiate us. Only the Word of God repletes us, while making us true sons.

As the prophet found God in the silence of the breeze, so we will find Christ in the silence of the Tabernacle, far from the fires, quakes and hurricaes of the world.

The big battles are fought in our spirit. There, the only Peace comes with the reign of Christ.

What a little time takes us to enter into eternity!

To deny God, whose images we are and in Whom our dignity is rooted, is to deny any human right. 

How bitter is the world's embrace! How freeing its scorn!

Without fight, there is no victory. Without pain, there is no peace. Without death, there is no resurrection. Calvary is the only field of our redemption.

Forgive us, O Lord, for not defending the life of the unborn, for each of whom You offered your blood.

A single word summarizes God's approach to man: °COME!

I dont' find anything worthy to be offered to God but His Son. I don't find a way to get near Him but in the Calvary.

Each little test we face is a battle for God's honor.

May my heart be a worthy chalice contanig your Blood, Lord. May my life be cross where it be spilled.

The cross is the altar of the self-sacrifice. It is designed to die with open arms.

Noone knows the plans of God for the new Pope, for this millenium Church. So different are His paths from ours...

To be sheep of the holy flock in the eternity, you must be sheep of the True Shepherd in the world. How many are deceived with the lie of being shepherds of themshelves!

The Blood of Christ if not only the physical support of Jesus-Man's life, but also the finite vessel of the infinite power of God's Word. Behold the reason of the ineffable value of the Passion and Eucharist.

Christ doesn't enter in our life. He is the center of our life. It is about coming to know it, accept it, living consequently. 

Pride is like an spiritual hawthorn. It's better to step on it than to wear it.

We all go uphill to the Calvary. So we must decide if we carry our cross to end up with Christ, or just enjoy the glory of the way without looking at He who waits for us at the top.

Like the Vikings had to handle their sword when facing the death to enter the Valhalla, so let we handle the sword of faith and die while fighting the good combat to enter in God's presence.

Concede me, Lord, to be prompt to recognize the truth and faithful to obey it. Because in lie roots any evil.

We are indeed brothers of Christ. Because we have the same Father and the same Mother.

Beside He who is Enternity, there is no sense of time. Beside He who is Light, there is no remembrance of darkness. Beside He who is Truth, there is no shadow of doubt.

How a short life for so much necessary love! How little time to win so high prize!

In the world, may I be content with whatever You give me, Lord. But in the eternal life, only You will be enough.

What makes meritory the Calvary is not the grace that helps us carrying on our cross, but the blood with which we stain the way.

How much I long to be faithful to You, my God! How great and pacifying is the most despised virtue of fidelity to your love!

Concede me, Lord, to love You perfectly for a moment; and make this moment to be like a thousand years for both.

For creatures, the perfection doesnít consist on the infinite goodness, but on the total conformity with Godís will.

At the end of our life, all of us understand how small we are. What makes the difference is whether we place our smallness in the greatness of God, or in the darkness of void. 

With your Passion, you not only paid the price of my eternal life. You also bought every moment of my life on earth. When will I give You what is yours, my God?

The only wealth I ask for is your grace. The other ones, may come and go according to your Will.

It is so painful to carry on mi cross without making it mine... Don't free me from it, Lord. Teach me to embrace it like my own life.

Our life in this world is a birth to the eternal life. To deny the latter is to convert the first to a brief and sorrowful fight without sense.

I am not afraid of the dark valleys. I fear the darkness of my soul. I fear the voidness and evil growing in each corner I have denied your access. Come in a possess what is yours, my Good.


If we became void after dying, death would be a sad end. But if we stay forever in a complete darkness, then it is the entrance to a terrifying destiny...

Save me, Lord, from the everlasting darkness!

Take my will, Lord. I don't want to have nothing that could make me your enemy...


While you possess something terrenal, your hand is closed handling it. Open your hand with confidence! God will take it..


I am alone not for your being far, my God. I am alone because I don't raise my eyes to look at you so close and in love with me...


It is not that God should have created a better world. But that we are not able to enjoy the perfection of the world He created.


I can think a single thing worse than if God didn't exist. That is to see Him and never possess Him.


We don't have a God of big numbers. We have a detail-careful Creator, and a Father loving with every child, in every moment.

Do you want to know about the greatness of God's love? Then consider the horrible variety and the inmense darkness of our endless evil. Yet a single drop of His love's ocean is bigger.

We have an eternity to praise the Lord. But so little time to witness to Him...

Everything in the spirit is, by far, more intense and lasting than in the body: hunger and thirst, darkness and light, pleasure and peace, wounds and health.

How great is God's love towards us, for not moving forward the final Judgement to avoid offences against His Son, so that sinners can repent! 

The gates to salvation and damnation have been and will be always the same. The only renewed thing is the steps of those who walk towards each of them. 


To contemplate the Resurrection of Christ gives us hope for the future.

To contemplate the Passion of Christ gives us strength for the present.

Your cross is your passport to Heaven. Never leave it.

Being, knowing and loving. Behold the summary of Theology. 

To demonstrate how little and stupid I am, I only need myself. But, to understand how great and marvelous You are, I need help from others.

Not only we must offer God all we have. Also we must ensure that all we have comes from Him.

When death comes, how insignificant is what others did for you!


War between good and evil is predetermined: Good wins; God wins. The only thing to be cleared up is who will be on each side when the war ends.

Thank You, Lord, for creating better persons than me, who love You more and glorify Your Name more eagerly.

The Holy Spirit transforms us from Satan's tenants to God's heirs.


I cannot do more than what God wants from me. But I want to do everything He wants from me.

That God was Almighty, it was expectable . But that He was so close and lovely, who could guess it! 


Good is the being affirmed by God.  Evil is the absence of the being refused by us. It is clear that God is faster, more powerful and constant affirming than us refusing.


We must love our enemies; it doesn't mean to consider them as friends.


There is no greater dignity than being loved by God. There is no bigger debt than having this dignity.


To be arisen is much more than forgetting death and sorrow; to be arisen is to enjoy life without limit, love without darkness, endless light of the true being..


The awesome love of Christ doesn't claim for understanding. It claims for answer.

Glory amazes. Sacrifice impresses. Wisdom enriches. But only love vivifies.

God didn't create the world for many. He created it just for you.


It is marvellous the purity of your forgiveness, Lord. Without waiting, without resentment, without doubts. Total forgiveness, purifier , vivifier, everlasting one. Forgiveness of absolute power, complete desire, unlimited love.

To seek for happiness in God is hard. To seek it outside Him is useless.

My enemies give me the best chances to be perfect.


Suffering pain has not merit, but accepting it.

It is not wise he who knows, but he who rejoices at knowledge.

How many times has the cock crowed before me? Let me, Lord, go out to weep in this night of bitternes that suffocates my heart...


The true barriers against the advance of the Kingdom of God are built up in our hearts.


The only way to posses God is being possesed by Him.

My mind: "I would give my whole being for reaching the complete happiness, for the end of any sorrow and darkness, for enjoying finally the true peace."

God: "I accept!"


Work to have a mild heart; so the peace will come.

Work to have a sincere heart; so the truth will come.

Work to have a generous heart; so the union will come.

Work to have an unselfish heart; so the justice will come.

Work to have a pure heart; so God will come.

And, while you work, pray. Because every good thing comes from the Highest One.


When you sin, don't stop having God in mind. This way, you will restrain, repent sooner and avoid obstinacy.


Strengthen your faith. Say yes. Open your heart. Extend your hands. Kneel down before the Almighty. Give to Him what is His. Put yourself in His hands. An then say: "move counter, Lord!"

We know that money calls money. ŅWhen will we learn that love calls love?


Christ's birth is the best proof of God's love for the family.


Love is the true remedy for any spiritual wound.


There is no bigger distance than the one between an obstinate heart and the eternal hapiness.


When I feel forgiven by You, Lord, I understand why You are to be called "Prince of Peace".

Solitude is a desert whose only oasis is the whisper of God.


To desire God is even better than to enjoy the worldly goods. Because the latter ends; but the first is accomplished for the whole eternity.


Strictness produces complaints. Permissiveness, laments.

Sanctity is not extraordinary. It is extremely quiet.

Anything not coming from God will not enter Heaven. We are still on time to get rid of it.


We won't be able to remember what happened in the time when we weren't beside God.

God whispers. His lovers shout.


God loves small rooms; but likes to enter alone.


Reasoning doesn't blind faith. But will does.


The Love isn't loved. The Truth is doubted. The Light is hidden. So bad is the evil we can do as great is the Good we reject.


Evil cannot be destroyed. It must be vanished.


You have to die to yourself before being born to eternal life. To die to yourself is to feel in peace that what you don't desire happens.


The true intelligence and knowledge bring us closer to God.

It is not that we have great enemies, but that we are so weak...


Had Jesus created children of Abraham from the stones of Israel, would they have got a heart harder than mine?

Neither sins nor ignorance nor distance are obstacles for God. But heart hardness is a bolt God doesn't usually unlock to enter in the soul. 


If you could, wouldn't you choose the beloved mother of your judge as your attorney? That's Mary.

In the Justice of God is rooted our solace; in His Mercy, our hope.

We strive to control when we will reach the end of our life, but the only and most important thing we can choose is whom we arrive with. I want to arrive with You, mi God. 


Christ's blood was much more than the price of our salvation. It was the price of our love.

My ingratitude didn't bring You to the cross, my Lord, but to the manger. It was only your ineffable Love what led You to the cross.

We have enough teachers of the Law in the Chruch. We lack martyrs, heroes in love with the Crucified, not afraid of sahedrins, senates and worldly stones.

Now I stand up again. Now I give myself to Love. Now it's God's time.


To hug a triumphant God is difficult. To hug a suffering Man, isn't.

As the Word of God the Father is eternal and provokes ineffable love between He Who pronounces and He Who hears, so the words of Christ are eternal and join forever the Son and those who make them part of their being.

From the opened Heart of Christ, the life came up; and it will enter in our heart if we open it with the lance of repentance, on the cross of sacrifice, devoided of world and devoted to love .

There is only one thing worse than considering Satan as a friend; that is considering God as an enemy.

Your salvation requires blood and tears shedding. The Blood is Christ's, already shed and offered; the tears are yours.

If eternity wouldn't be enough for damned to atone for their sins, how brief will it be for the saved to thank and praise the Lord!

God takes us from the worldly mud with the chain of obedience ; He heals us from our illnesses with the bleeding of humbleness; He gives us the bread of life on the table of cross.

We enjoy the true Peace when God is our treasure; so our heart is in Him, and we taste the begining of eternal rest in the Lord.

In this life there are no losers; but there are in the future life. So we have to fight in the present world  looking at the everlasting one.

Hadn't Christ been raised, He would had given us the nicest way of living in this world. But He was raised; so He showed us that neither the true life nor the whole beauty nor the final world are here, but on His Kingdom.

Rather than crying for the death of Christ, we'd better cry for hatred and depravity that claim constantly for that sacrifice

God's hand is always gentle, when He caress as when He prunes.

As the Vikings before, I want to be found by death holding a sword. Sword of faith, of sacrifice, of selfgiving, of love.

Our wickedness prepared the calvary and the cross. But only the love got a Lamb for the sacrifice.

Every joy is preceded by an effort; every knowledge, by a study; every achivement, by a renouncement; every resurrection, by a calvary.

The fast that God wants from us is not the privation of a necessary good, but of a desired one. Because the Lord don't want us to lack what we need, but to be aware that worldly goods make our soul be sleepy and forget how much she longs for the Supreme Good.

While I be frightened of being beside You in that precise moment when You felt completely abandoned on the cross, I won't deserve  to be called your friend, Jesķs.

Since my hands were marked with your blood while I whipped You, let them, Jesus, be marked with your blood on embracing your cross.

To see You face to face, when the Father want, Jesus. To feel the scent of your breathe or the warmth of your glance, when You be pleased, Lord. But to step on your bloody footprints, to stay quiet while You pray dying, to hold part of your cross, may I never miss it, my Good.

How many talents hidden in the land of ingratitude! How many lamps of grace oil emptied in the brief worldy parties! How many spiritual lepers shouting they are so instead of running to the Doctor Who can save them!

What a distress I feel when I betray You, Lord. What a bitter sadness and void before the fierce face of the world. 

And what a peace I feel by your side, Jesus. What a sweet and warm security beside You, and how far everything out of You.

If a small world, plenty of sadness and misery, captivates and arouses passions in us, Lord, what will it be in the inexhaustible universe of your delights, in the ineffable embrace of your eternal love.

If God our Creator makes us feel tenderness when we see Him as a needy baby, much more tenderness He feels for us, His creatures, seeing us so small, weak and lost..

Make me your little brother, Jesus, so that Mary find me beside You and look after me with You.

I bet the gift you liked best at Bethlehem was the myrrh, my Lord. Because you didn't came to be adored or acclaimed, but to die for us.

To kneel before a king is an exterior gesture. But to kneel before a baby slept on the ground is a natural act, a reflex of the heart. How great is the wisdom of God!

The knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil are spiritual seeds. And there is no seed which doesn't grow in the land of our spirit.

Miracles, extraordinary things, big signals, stars that move and stop over a village lead us to God.

But if we want to find Him, if we want to kiss Him, if we want to feel His heart, then we have to enter the stalls, tread on the straw, bend under the cold beams, kneel at the mangers.

When the light of God vanishes in our soul like the daylight during the crucifixion of His Son, we must stay on the cross as He did.

When the fog of the trial hides your presence, Lord, it is easy to know what path to follow: always uphill.

After the final judgement, we will forget the sorrow, or the happiness.

Lord, your weeping in the manger silenced the world's pomp. Your silence on the cross dispelled the din of death.

Jesus, my Lord, how many times my mind is deceived, believeing that things out of You are permanent...

Hell of present life consists on needing God and rejecting Him. Hell of future life consists on needing God and being rejected by Him.

We tend to think that crosses we receive are to be carried, so to test our patience. But they are not; crosses are to be crucified on them, so a marvelous tool to abandom ourselves in God's will.

Jesus, You are the only lover to whom I can promise love beyond death.

Of Christ I know friends. Of Satan, only slaves.

There is neither Hell enough for our ingratitude, nor merit deserving the vision of God.

I prefer, Lord, a whisper from your wisdom to a thousand worldly lessons.

I prefer a caress of your love to an eternity of pleasures.

I prefer a word from You to all the books written by men.

I prefer, Lord, your call to all the seductions from the world.

The silence of body and soul is the classroom where the Master teaches.

Jesus, like Mary of Magdala kissed your feet, I want to kiss you when I have you in my hands as bread.

Make me ointment for your wounds, Lord!

Lord, Ņwhen will we learn that unity is one of the major fruits of your presence?

To pray is to spill yourself, to open yourself, to offer yourself. To pray is to stop belonging to yourself. To pray is to realize the littleness of yourself and to look at the true greatness. To pray is to stay with your Father alone. 

Lord Jesus, take mi heart. To love the Father I prefer to use yours.

When I don't love You, You love me, Lord. Concede me, Father, that when I don't feel your love, I love You.

Father, I feel You so great, so inefable... °I am getting to know You better!


Lord, your enemies found you in the Mount of Olives, praying in solitudeness close to your disciples. May we now find You in Eucharist, offering Yourself for everyone and close to those who look for You.

You loved us as the Father loved You; Jesus. Concede us, O lord, to love the Father as You loved us.

I don't mind about being blind or crippled before the enemy. But never let me, Lord, be tired in front of him.

Lord, when I hold a rose of sacrifice for You to admire her color, You turn my hand and kiss the blood that her thorns make well up in my palm.

In the endless goodness, in the eternal beauty, in the unlimited love. In You. Only in You can I be happy, Lord.

Poetry is the expression of beauty by means of the word. God the Father is Beauty, and the Son is His Word. So Christ is the Poetry of God; Poetry of Love.


I feel blind. But the Lord is my Light.

I feel weak. But the Lord is my strength.

I feel lost. But the Lord is my Shepherd.

I feel defenceless. But the Lord is my Refuge.

I have nothing. But I have my faith: the certainty that I have everything, that God loves me, protects me, leads me, waits for me.

And He reminds it to me softly in Eucharist.

To convert the desert of my spirit in a garden delightful for You, cannot be a movement of my will, but an life-creator act. °Come, Holy Spirit, to your servant!

Jesus, may the nails of duty and fidelity keep me on the cross of giving to your will.

Mary, remind me that my place is beside your Son Jesuschrist; tasting words of life in the mountain, despised and abandoned on the cross, alive and joyful forever in his Kingdom.

Jesus, untie the bandage of my sin, and remove the stone of my corruption, in order to be risen to your grace now, and to everlasting life forever.

My God, as I didn't remember your power, your justice and your love to offend You, may I now forget my unworthiness, my weakness and my embarrassment to beg your forgiveness.

Let, Father, the blood of the Crucified flow along the grooves of my penitent soul like in those of the cross He was nailed to.

Lord, concede me the perfect joy, that which makes us smile with hope in adversity, with humility in prosperity, in moderation before the others, without limits before You, and always with gratitude and in spirit of praise.

Lord, you came to the world not only to redeem us, but mainly to demonstrate us your love. So, I want not only to reach everlasting life, but also to love You every moment and to death.

The cross is the altar of our belongings. Anything which is not nailed on it, or is God's and doesn't belong to us, or is the world's and doesn't have any value in the eternity.

Father, forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, as we do lead our brothers not into temptation; but deliver us from evil, as us deliver our brothers from evil. Amen. 


Jesus, help me to fulfill God's will, and teach me to love it.

Your justice gives us what we deserve, Lord. But your mercy diminishes our faults , and your generosity augments our merits.

My Lord, You love me since ever, since You are God. I want to love You forever, while you be God.


ŅHow to be afraid of You, Lord Jesus, if you talk to me always so gently? ŅHow not to fear, if I betray you every day, my good?


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