"Pray without rest", says the Lord. "He who prays, is saved", remind us Saint Alphonsus.

God hides from our looking. "Noone can see Him and continue living"; the death is the only door to access His presence. Until we go through it, we have windows to glimpse HIm, hear Him and feel his love and mercy; these are all the forms of the grace. There is, among them , one which opens directly to God's ear and that God never closes - that is the prayer...


The way of the Cross


In God's hands (Ago/1998)

My Lord, give me a childish spirit, for hugging You silently and resting blindly in your Heart. Create in me a pure heart to listen to You, always surprised and enamored. Whisper to me the secrets of your love, while I pour myself before You. Teach me to love silence and to love the Love. Let me sleep embracing the cross while I am in the world, in order to wake up before You, without knowing anything but You. Make me a flash of Your will, to become a flame of Your Love. Talk, Lord, your servant listen; and Your will be done! My God and my all...


Love to the Church (Ago/1998)

O, Lord, if your Church were led by a pack of hounds, if your shepherds were all assassins, if your temples were all houses of depravation, even so I should love her with sweetness. Because I receive your given-up body from her hands, I drink your precious blood from her braists, I hear your forgiveness and your word through her lips, her voice lead me to your pastures, her eyes look at me with your own Providence, her touch has the grace of the Holy Spirit and she makes me one in your love with all the saints.

O, Lord, teach me to see your Church as a precious rose watered with Christ's blood and rooted in His cross; teach me to respect her as the beloved bride of your Son; teach me to love her as the mystic body of our Savior.

O, Lord, give me wisdom to love the Sacraments, obedience to accomplish your will through the guidance of your vicar John Paul II, humility to recognize the blow of the Holy Spirit in your Church and pureness to make her more beatiful before your divine eyes. Amen.


In Mary's hands (Nov/1998)

Mary, my Queen and Lady, take my heart and hide it in God, for me to love and live in Him, and to recover it from your immaculate hands when the Lord call me to His presence.


As Mary (Nov/1998)

O, Mary, my Queen and Lady, I implore you

that my eyes see with your pureness,

that my mouth speak with your wisdom,

that my hands work with your eagerness,

that my mind think with your humility,

that my heart love with your charity,

that my soul live with your virginity,

that my life root in God through you

so that

what I see,

what I say,

what I do,

what I think,

what I feel,

what I live

and my entire being

be for the honour and glory of God.

Praised be His most Holy Name!



The temptation (Dic/1998)

Thank You, Lord, for teaching me that temptation is not a proof of your rejection, but a seed from your love.

Thank You, Lord, for teaching me that during temptation You are not far from me, but close and hidden.

Thank You, Lord, for teaching me that temptation doesn't weaken me, but can strengthen me if overcome with faith.

Thank You, Lord, for teaching me that temptation is not a step towards dammation, but a little ladder to Heaven.

Thank You, Lord, for teaching me that temptation doesn't make me closer to Satan, but to Jesus.

Give to this little misery the strength to apply this lesson to Your Glory. Praised be Your Name forever!


Jesus and Mary in my soul (Apr/1999)

Mary, may Jesus find you always in my soul.

Jesus, may Mary find you always in my soul.

Jesus and Mary, may you meet always in my soul, for God's glory and sanctity of men!


In Mary's arms (Ago/1999)

O, my sweet Mother, put me in your breast like a little baby, for my breathe to follow yours, and my heart to beat melt in your Immaculate one. Amen.


To pray without words (Ago/1999)

Lord, make me dumb.

May the words of repentance from my heart become tears in my eyes.

May the words of praise and thanks from my spirit become acts of love in my hands.



 To Jesus (Jan/2000)

My Jesus, when you became a man,

You tought us to call "our Father" to Him who had called you "beloved Son",

You revealed God's wisdom to those to whom the world had called fools,

You were shown as convicted before those who have applauded You as King,

You anointed with love those to whom You were redeeming,

You died abandoned for we to live with You forever.

Concede me, Lord, that I know no father apart from God,

and no wisdom but your Word,

and no king but the Crucified,

and no respect but the one that must be shown for the Love,

and no Life but the one the comes from You and rests in You forever.



 Love (Jan/2001)

My God,

May the madness which made you become a man, sleep in a manger, feel heat and cold, obey your servants, suffer patiently our ignorance and pride, be insulted and hated, betrayed, abandoned by your friends, tortured and killed for our good;

may that madness make me proclaim You God in every moment, accept joyfully every pain I had to suffer, obey You promptly, learn humbly the true wisdom, praise You, bless You and follow You faithfully and work without rest for your glory.

May that madness, which we call Love, impel me to put myself in your hands on every moment and make me be light and salt of the world.



 Lent (Mar/2001)

Let's fast, leaving lustfulness, hatred, grudge, prujudice, envy, pride, imprudence, excess.

Let's avoid seeing TV, speaking as much as we like, holding superfluous conversations, having more rest than necessary, postponing our duties, listening to God's enemies, desiring what we don't need.

Let's sacrifice ourselves, tightening the gag of silence, wearing the chain of moderation, puting on the sack of obedience, locking ourselves in the room of solutide, carrying with hope the cross God gave us.

Let's offer to God the spiritual incense of joy, meekness, prayer, humility and, above all, charity.

And let's do it in the spiritual desert of the world we live in, with Mary's help. Our families, friends, work colleages and everyone around us need our sincere and joyful witness; may our faith and works shout that our Lord is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


My Good Shepherd (Jul/2002)

Lord Jesus, I want to be a sheep of your flock

to graze in your pastures,

for your voice to pronounce my name,

for your looking for me when I get lost,

for your caress me while praying to the Father,

to bear winds, rain, cold and heat with You,

to rest beside You.

Junto a ambos (Ago/2002)

Mary, held me to your bosom so that, when you hug Jesus, I be near both of your Hearts.


To use the time (Nov/2002)

Let me, Lord, use the time I have to accomplish Your will while still not having seen your face.

Let me, Lord, use the time I have to thank You for the immensity of your benefits, now that I don't even know them.

Let me, Lord, use the time I have to praise Your name without having come to know your greatness.

Let me, Lord, use the time I have to offer myself completely to You, before being completely taken by You.


Though... (Nov/2002)

Though You don't look at me, stay with me, Lord.

Though You don't answer me, let me speak to You.

Though I don't deserve it, have mercy on me.


Basket. (Dec/2002)

Make me, Lord, a clean basket in your hands. May You put in me what you will, may my brothers find in me what your Providence prepared for them.


Silence (Mar/2003)

Concede me, Lord, the silence of spirit: silence in which You whisper your wisdom; silence that heals the wounds of heart; silence that precedes the true peace. 



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