On this page you will find thoughts to meditate under the light of the Holy Spirit. Each one is a  talent that God gives you. Don't bury it lazily, but make it part of yourself with our Lord's grace and apply it to the goodness of men for God's glory.


Note: I changed the order of prayerís beginning, as it helps to follow sensibly the cadence of ideas (in Spanish, in which it was originally written, the order is as reflected here) 


You teach us to call You this way; God, Infinite Beauty, Infinite Wisdom.

And with the name You give us to call You, You teach us who we are, and who You want us to be. We are image of You, and we are called to be your children.

Because You are Father, we can be children.

Almighty Creator, Eternal Love.


Of ours

You not only call us to be your children. You call us to possess You; and You say You are of ours. What love madness is that of You!

And You make us brothers. You are of ours, we are of yours, and You want us to invoke You together.

Calling You as brothers, we move your Merciful Heart.

When two or more brothers call you Father, You are there among us.

Who art in Heaven

Restless Creator of goodness, of beauty. You sanctify everything, You dignify everything, You create everything.

This is Heaven; the place of your love, the place of your presence, of your action.

You art in Heaven; and you convert in Heaven where You become present.

Come O Lord! Make us part of Heaven.

Hallowed be Thy name

This is the aim of everything you create. To receive your goodness and proclaim it forever.

And we, children in the spirit, can and must cry your name: Father!

And we can and must praise your ineffable Goodness, your infinite Love.

This is the only task we cannot finalize in eternity: to sanctify your name, to praise and love You.

Because Youíve loved us since You are God, letís love You while You be God.

Thy Kingdom come

Your Kingdom is the sanctity that comes from your Presence, the order that comes from your Will, the peace that comes from your Love.

Become present, let your will be done, let your love reign.

And make us seed, tool, word, promise and reality of your Kingdom.

Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

Mistery of God: being Unity, you create the plural; being Spirit, you create matter; being Person, you create the impersonal.

And in us you join both worlds.

Let your Will be done along the Creation! In the Universe and in Heaven. In our body and in our soul.

Give us this day our daily bread

Our bread is everything that satisfies our needs: air, food, shelter, our home, our neighbor, our friend.

Give us the bread that quenches the thirst of our body and mind, so we can devote our spirit to the seek and desire of the bread of the soul: you Son.

Give us the bread that quenches our transient need, so we aspire to and look for the bread that quenches our everlasting desire.

Give it to us, Father, so we, trusting your Providence on earth, seek for the true treasure that You want to give us on Heaven.

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors

Forgiveness is the impossible fruit of the tree of your Mercy. It is the unthinkable gift of a Father who forgive us what we cannot forgive ourselves.

With your forgiveness You not only forget our guilt, but also embrace us, lift us, cleanse us, build us, send us.

Our trespasses make us debtors of your Justice. Your forgiveness makes us debtors of your Love.

Letís be so as well; letís forgive those who trespass against us and, in forgiving them, letís embrace them, lift them, cleanse them, build them, send them

Thatís how we pay our debt with your Mercy: making others debtors of ours.

And lead us not into temptation

As we arenīt still in Heaven, you let us be tested while we can deny You, so our fiat is a true declaration of friendship.

When the serpent of the world stalks upon us, letís look for shelter within you Heart so it cannít bite us.

When the fever of flesh weakens us, letís look for the medicine of your Love to avoid falling gravely ill.

When the word of devil seduces us, letís look for your Word that set us free.

Have Mercy on us, Father!

But deliver us from evil

And, if possible, free us from the serpent of the world.

If possible, free us from the fever of flesh.

If possible, free us from the word of devil.

But, above us, we implore you with your Son: thy Will be doneĒ.

Our Father.


From Friday 3 PM to Sunday 0 AM, the whole world is sheltered in Mary's Heart; there is no promised Messiah, no living Messiah, no arisen Messiah. We can only wait beside Mary, afraid of what we've done with Him, and wondering what we will do for Him. 


Forgivess is the best fruit of love. Bitter outside but most sweet inside.

Forgiveness knocks down the walls of hatred, closes the wounds of sorrow, disarms the throne of sober, lightens the darkness of prejudice.

Forgivess converts enemies into friends, aliens into brothers, slaves into sons, masters into debtors.

Forgivess magnifies our heart, heals our memory, frees our will.

Forgiveness opens the gate of Heaven and writes our names in God's Heart forever.


What must the Church do to help the comming of the Kingdom of God?

Saint Paul says: "For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of food and drink, but of righteousness,  peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit" [Rm 14, 17].

The joy comes from the Spirit's grace, and its perfect fulfillment is the eternal blessing, the real posession of God.

In order to have joy, we need peace, which St. Agustin defines as the tranquility of order. Interior peace is necessary to have spiritual joy, and social peace is necessary for the spread of the Kingdom of God's joy. Order comes from acting according to God's will, i.e., chosing the best for us and for the others - which is just according to the Lord plans. This just choosing is the true accomplishment of freedom, which exists only if we can (and actually do) choose the good. Otherwise we are slaves of sin and death, and we live in disorder and injustice. Now then, to choose the good we must know the truth; that's why the Lord says "the truth will make us free" [Jn 8, 32b].

This leads us to the true mission of the Church: to preach the Truth, to announce the Gospel to everyone. This way we all will be able to choose good (we will be free), and therefore justice will be done, there will exist order and, as its fruit, peace will reign.

Neither temple or school builders, nor illness relievers are we as members of the Church; we are preachers, with words and with life. And being true that healing the ill, liberating the oppressed, sheltering the homeless or feeding the starving people helps for the truth being received as it needs to, we must never forget the mission we are called to accomplish: to preach the Gospel to everyone and to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



ď For John came neither drinking nor eating, and they say: 'He hath a demon'. The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say: 'Behold, a gluttonous and winebibber, a frind of publicans and sinners!'"[Mt 11, 18-19]

Father, when will we learn that you are a sensible God. You created the world and laws for it, You sowed marvels all along and You rejoice in it. You put us men in the universe, You gave us liberty, You sent us your Son to obtain our redemption after we had rejected You, You blow your grace to touch our heart and to rule the earth by means of those whom you call your sons.

But that is not enough. To rule the world by means of your laws and to lead men with your grace is not acceptable. Our god should deliver us from any kind of evil, the evil we sow, care, harvest and spread. A God who expect our collaboration to bring a kingdom of happiness is not a god. We demand our freedom to other men and we fight fiercely for it, but we expect our god does not take it into account to deliver us from the pain and sorrow we earn using our freedom badly.

Our god should do miracles to heal the ill, free the imprisoned, bring the peace to the world, even to annihilate the death; that would be a strong, awesome, believable god Ė a visible god. Now then, if the believers use the word miracle for the mistery of Eucharist, the Spiritís blow or any supernatural action You do for our good, then we call them mad, antiscientific, fundamentalists. We expect divine miracles but we donít tolerate them in a reasonable world.

 So stupid are we, Lord. We make sense and faith incompatible, and then we shelter in sense, scared by the demands of faith. We long for You but we donít want to pay the price for possessing You. To devote our life to love, renouncing everything different from love, for the shake of a promise which cannot be expressed mathematically.

 Lord, have mercy on us. Touch our heart again, call us tenderly, send us your Spirit and enlighten us to understand that You are a sensible God, a God who respect his laws and acts through our hands, and who reserves miracles for the secrest corners of the spirit and for special occasions in which You smile to us with infinite love and with awesome good humour.

 Teach us how to believe with sense and how to know with fatih. Teach us to love You. Because we long for resting in You foreverÖ  


The other day the Lord spoke to me. I was kneeled, my eyes closed and my hands put together on my face; He stayed in front of me, looking lovingly in silence.

He made me know that He was looking for someone who told Him "I love You more than anything, and I will love you forever", as lovers say without stopping to think.

He made me know that He was expecting a crowd acclaiming Him, as film stars or Olimpic Game medalists are applauded.

He made me know that He desired to see tears in the eyes of people who adore Him, as the supporters when their football team loses the final.

He made me know that He was looking forward to people coming and waiting long lines to know Him, as they do at fairgrounds or film premieres.

While He was a powerful and remote God He couldn't expect such love acts. But He was born man, and He ate, laughed, talked, suffered and died for us; He arose and became food for everyone.

My God, let me love forever Him whom I am despised so many times,

let me, who shouted asking for your death, acclaim You victorious,

let me cry in the light for my sins, which I commited in the darkness,

let me, who departed from You hasty, wait eagerly and long for receiving You.



Sometimes it seems that God doesn't listen; you beg Him repeatedly to deliver you from temptation, to give you strength in your illness, to let you enjoy the children who don't come, to give peace to your family, to send you a job. So many things you need and God seems to forget, or not to hear while He looks coldly in the distance.

How wrong you are! God is your Father. He didn't forgive His Son for you to have everlasting life, Ņand afterwards He will forget you or look at you from far away? Not at all! God is beside you, He desires lovingly to dwell in your spirit, to spill in your soul gifts that you cannot imagine and to fulfill your needings and desires. And He listens to you as if you were the only one in the world, because He loves you and He has the most attentive ear and the most sensitive heart of all fathers.

But when you pray you must have two things in mind.

Firstly, He will always ask you for your help. God doesn't plant the garden, He gives you seeds and sends rain; God doesn't write the novel, He gives you pen and paper and sends you inspiration; God doesn't mend the local road you are driving by, He gives you a map to go to the highway and fills up your tank.

Secondly, "your ways are not my ways" says the Lord to us. He hasn't prepared good gifts for you; He's prepared the best of all. How unhappy you are because you expect what doesn't fill you and you work for what is lost soon and forever! If the Beatitudes speak about the Kingdom, you get the glory in your present Calvary. You will wear white clothes in the celestial banquet, but you have tunic and sandals now. Your glory is the cross of Christ and you will put before him what you have loved, suffered and renounced for Him. That is what you must ask Him for: to reject your terrenal desires, to love as He loved us, to make His will in every moment... and the Holy Spirit!

And do have Mary in mind when praying. She is the mediatrix of all the graces before God. Blessed be!


The past is gone, and the future doesn't exist yet; this is the only moment in which you can glorify God. Blessed be forever! Neither the angels nor the saints have the opportunity to increase God's glory as creatures,  only us who still live on earth. Because here there is land to sow, there are talents to invest, there are fishes to catch with the net. Because you still does not enjoy God, because you still live with the uncertainty of he who walks, because your work tires you, because day after day you carry your cross, because your tears have not been dried yet, you can still pronounce a meritorious "yes", you can fill your lamp with oil before the groom comes, you can still add a new charity flame to God's Heart, which beates for you.

Don't change this time for any other one. Now you can love God; now you can respond to His call, to make His grace fruitful and to achieve the aim you were created to: increase the glory of God! Nothing outside you can make this moment unfruitful, because the Lord's grace is enough. So renounce yourself, take your cross and, against all human wisdom and with tears if necessary, say with Mary: "Your will be done in me!"



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