My name is César Pablo. I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1971. God has blessed me with a number of talents, beginning with my parents (Paco and Carmen) , my brothers (Francisco, Carmen, David and Alejandro), my wife Patro and my children Gabriel José, Ana María, Cristina María, David José and Pablo José. I work in the information technologies world and I like almost every area of knowledge; I play football (soccer), I practice taekwondo and taichi, I love the mountains and classical music and  write whenever I have time.
Appart from this, I am an unworthy servant of God, but He is my Shepherd and His Mercy continuosly shines on me. Everything be for His glory! Amen.

Send me your  experience of faith ane love in God and I will include it in this section.

"I met my Lord [...] and little by little I realized something changed inside me, I wasn't the same [...] I feel renewed inside , so strong, He is so marvellous with me, He puts me in such great things and I feel so little, [...] I've been doing what I never thought I could.

He talks to my heart and I talk to His love and mercy. I need Him so much, I am nothing without Him. His love is so marvellous that He took me from the darkness and now has put me high and forward.

I have such a big need of Him, it is something I hardly understand but makes me so happy, and I love Him so so much and want Him to fill every moment, all my senses, and my whole will."

Cleme - California       (translated) (Feb/2002)

Letter to Jesuchrist.

Dear friend:

I write You because I feel the need to tell You some things of my life which grieve me deeply, and which only You can understand.

Friend, I've never had time to listen to You. Your word seemed unsubstantial to me and the homilies bored me. Neither read I your gospel because I though I would waste my time listening to words that woudn't help me to earn more money, much less to have fun.

I know You gave me the life, the freedom and the faith.

I know You gave me my soul, knitted with tenderness, patience and an immense love.

I know You formed me as a useful being to face the life successfully.

I know your Providence takes care of me every moment of my life.

I know You are in the tabernacle, waiting for me every minute.

I know of your patience with my many sins.

I know of your infinte capability to forgive.

I know You offered your life for me to live forever.

But, Lord, even knowing how much I owe You, I confess now I never had time to love You, as You ask me to and as you deserve indeed.

I know You searched for me so many times to be balsam for the countless offences You receive every day.

I know You searched for me to listen to my brothers and to spill my consolation over your wounds, but I had no time, because I was making money or having a deserved rest.

Lord, despite I knew You searched for me, I confess now I never had time neither for You nor for my brothers.

I confess, Lord, today I feel alone and I understand that with money only cheap things can be purchased and that a friend like You is priceless.

I ask for your perdon, my God, my friend, because I hadn't time to love, and I promise You that, from now on, in every minute of life you concede me I will fill my hands with work and my heart with love to glorify You and to serve my brothers.

Paco Funes (my father) - Madrid (translated) (Feb/2002)


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